The Come-Up... Ones To Watch #1 (Designer Profile: Ramses Francois)

- When did you realize what you wanted to become while you were growing up? When I was 10 years old, I just wanted to be a part of the music industry and become someone known for changing music. I started interning for RocaFella Records and became A&R -through blessings from God and my homey Lenny S. - and when I worked there, people always said that I had a sense of style and that I should be into fashion.

- How has life prepared you for the point that you're at right now? Well, being that I worked in the music industry, fashion came to me –colors, etc.- and I always knew what was going to be hot before it became hot. So, I started to get addicted to fashion… I studied magazines, fabrics, and started preparing sketches, just doing a lot of study and gaining knowledge.

- Who inspires you? Ralph Lauren is one of my biggest inspirations. I like the polo style… how classy his clothing line is; as well as a lot of underground designers, from Stussy to Jordan!

- What is it that separates you from the competition in your field? My style, my colors, and the way I design… I'm thinking left instead of right, and I'm not scared to experiment and become a trendsetter. It’s hard to explain… my action speaks louder, and it will make u say wow when u see… The action will be your reaction!

- Where do you see yourself in the future? I see myself changing fashion and being a strong, black fashion designer, because there's not much of us out here and something has to be done about that!

The Graduate... HBCU All-Stars #1 (Celebrity Profile: Alexander Allen)

The Fashion Superstar

- What, in particular, do you do in fashion?
I'm a Celebrity Fashion Stylist. People use the term so loosely, however, I truly am what I say that I am because not only is that my focus in fashion, but to be a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, you have to have celebrity clients… and I do!

- How did college prepare you for your career?
My college years made me more ambitious to get my career started. Before attending college, I knew that I wanted to work in the entertainment business, but I wasn't certain on what facet of the industry I would pursue. It wasn't until my Sophomore year that I made up my mind; and being in Baltimore, MD, I knew my career wasn't going to begin for me, until I returned back home to NYC.

- When did you graduate?
I graduated from Morgan, in the summer of 1998.