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Nathan Green (Morgan State University)

1) Can you describe your Black College Experience for us?
So far, I wouldn’t have it any other way. By me attending an HBCU like Morgan State University, it has taught me how to be a strong African-American man, nurturing me and really [opening my eyes to] what’s important to me; having this experience has really left me speechless.

2) Before attending college, you were overweight and had an unhealthy diet… How does it feel, having been almost 300 lbs. and to now having lost more than 100 lbs.?
As far as my dramatic weight loss, I am now down to 182lbs. When I was larger, I was really confident in myself and I was comfortable, however, my weight was a health issue. I knew that I had to loose the weight in order to be healthy. When I started to loose a tremendous amount of weight, it was in my senior year of high school. My diet became a way of life, and not going to the gym seemed to become abnormal to me- after a while. When I came to college, I was around 200 pounds, and experiencing new people and new adventures became even more of an inspiration for me, and I started to drop more weight.

3) In your opinion, overall, how important is image to a person’s success?
In my opinion, one's image should be of the utmost importance. Your image is what represents you as a person; how you feel about yourself is the first important thing about your image. If you feel confident in yourself and feel good about yourself, then nothing or no one can take that away from you, you cannot be defeated. To be a success, is to be determined, ambitious and eager to learn more every day. You can never know enough about anything, and once you are ok with yourself and your self-esteem, all other things will surely fall into place; and that positive image is what will lead you to success.

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