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Transitions and renewal are themes that embody the spirit of fall, and this is the time when the rediscovery of everyone’s favorite trends will allow them the opportunity to re-merge into fashion, and fall in love with style. These are items that should be in everyone’s closet this season, as he deems them “redefinitions of the classics”.

My obsessions for the Lady:

1. Updated Trench Coats
• Last year, Burberry produced neon colored versions that sparkled and were visually appealing. This year, Banana Republic manufactured a quieter version that is also a feast for the eyes. Trench coats add class and poise to any outfit, and these reinvented versions are fun and flirty.
2. Riding Boots
• Nothing beats that high-society, country club feel more than a great pair of riding boots. Add them to give edge to any sweet, ladylike outfit.
3. The High-Waist Skirt
• I am most excited about this Fall’s hot item. The high waist skirt is refreshingly simple and gives any outfit an instant, feminine touch that many women strive for but seldom obtain.

My obsessions for the Gentleman:

1. The New High Tops
• This staple from the 1980’s, has been updated for the new millennium. Designers such as Christian Dior, have added detailing that includes suede and leather to the iconic, ankle length sneaker. These shoes are stylish and comfortable, something that every man values.
2. Chunky Sweaters
• Remember those oversized, knit-sweaters worn by Dwayne Wayne on the hit TV show ‘A Different World’? Well, they’re back and better than ever! When Fall’s cool winds begin to blow, you can be both warm and fly, and all while avoiding the pressure of wearing a coat.
3. Scarves
• Large, fuzzy ‘neck-warmers’ [read: scarves] are making a big impact on the world of high-fashion, especially ones that have unique designs and textures. No longer an instrument for the weather, they now provide men with the opportunity to show just how fashion savvy and accessorized they can be.

In fashion, just as in life, the only thing that’s constant is change. Use my obsessions to make fashion work for you!

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