Rock & Republic- S/S '09 Collection

by- Ola Lawal

Redemption: was the title of the collection...

(Chanel Iman -pictured above- opened the show)

And on Saturday, September 6th, 2008, not even Hurricane Hanna could keep me away from witnessing Rock & Republic's redeeming glory; it was the most exciting show for me. It was scheduled to start at 8pm but they had us wait outside for 30 minutes, while they had a run-through (for everything had to be perfect). As we filed in to the large auditorium that sat 500, even Damon Dash had trouble getting through the door… can u just imagine?

On the third row from the runway, I had a prime view. Across the row sat Mary-Kate Olsen next to two stars of the hit CW TV show Gossip Girl –Jessica Szohr (who plays Vanessa) and Chace Crawford (who plays Nate). And seated directly next to them were John Legend and his beautifully exotic date. The show was definitely rock and roll! The collection incorporated black and white palettes, with leather cropped jackets for men and women. Tight jeans and leggings strutted down the runway on stacked heels that were five inches in the air.

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