by- Avon Dorsey

"The Young And The Banging"

Class was definitely in session at this exclusive event that took place on the lower-east side of Manhattan. Y&B is the brainchild of Heron Preston, and it chronicles the lives of a few of the city’s most alluring and inspiring downtown hipsters.

Inside the gallery at 255 Elizabeth Street, there were locker installations that would remind you of any high school corridor and just across the hall there were several prom/homecoming-esque photo backdrops set up so that party-goers could try on an array of school-themed attire and pose for the camera.
(Locker Installations)

‘Once you live downtown, it can begin to feel like a big kid’s high school…’ read a quote from the party’s invitation. And, in keeping with the events theme, photos on the wall were assembled in the likeness of a new millennium yearbook, featuring the book’s committee along with a few chic classmates.
(Mr. Heron Preston himself- creator of TY&TB)

Some of the night’s revelers included DJ Lindsey (an entrant into Heron’s exclusive yearbook, and whom I also worked side-by-side with years ago in Atlanta, Georgia selling clothes for the retail chain Bebe, lol). Also present were the Nintendo Twins, Dee & Ricky (who designed the now famous Lego-inspired accessories for Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2008 collection).
(DJ Lindsey)

All in all, it was an event to remember, and these school ties have found a bond with our hearts here at STYLE 101.

Shine on Heron!

For more info on this exhibit, please visit: http://www.youngandbanging.com

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