Mr. Obsessive

by- Reginald Larkin

Leaves are orange and reddish-blue, the cold weather is here… and fashion is too! I feel privileged to bear witness to so many changing colors and budding fashions –all happening at the same time this season. And with such an emphasis on style, the obsessions that I have right now (for both men and women), are for the abundance of rich textures and bountiful patterns in everything from shoes to jackets. Joelle Carter, a Morgan State University activities coordinator says, “It’s all about the accessories,” and she couldn’t be more right. Even if accessories aren’t your thing, there are still options –you can make a fashion statement by purchasing items that have a one-of-a-kind authenticity; things that will stand out amongst the milieu of everyday finds.

My Obsessions for Women: Showstopper

1) The Peep-Toe
(Shoe, Christian Louboutin)
• Whether it’s a pump or a boot, this heel is sophisticated and flirty all at the same time. The concept that you are showing a smidgen of skin leaves mystery, so why not make his mind wonder. A peep-toe has both class and sass that is effortless.

2) The Motorcycle Jacket
(Jacket, Rick Owens)
• This type of jacket is such an American icon and a timeless staple that one should be in every woman’s closet (picture James Dean with breast and a ponytail). The rugged yet chic style of this jacket is desired in cold weather atmospheres –either in leather or in piled fabric, and by pairing it with virtually anything (a dress or a shirt and jeans), it can make your outfit versatile and enviable in an instant.

3) The Cardigan
(Cardigan, Alex Gore Brown)
• With the brisk air, some extra coverage is needed when you leave the house… and that’s when a sweater comes into play. But not just any sweater, it’s more chic to layer with a cardigan (a thin sweater open at the front and which closes with buttons). These aren’t your grandmother’s sweaters, the new updated styles are textured and form fitting and pairing one with leggings or skinny jeans create a slimming effect for the body, and can add height to any form.

My Obsessions for Men: Renaissance

1) The Blazer
(Blazer, Dolce & Gabbana)
• Personally, I have dreaded wearing one this season, but I just recently found the blazer of my dreams! And, I believe that if you too can find the right fit then you have found the perfect blazer for you. These jackets (aka Sports coats), can add a hint of class to any wardrobe, and they have the versatility to go from work-to- play in one swoop. This is one trend that every gentleman should commit to (for any season, really). But don’t settle for just any random suit jacket, search and find the right blazer for you.

2) The Loafer
(Shoe, Yves Saint Laurent)
• Sneakers are fun, but there is something altogether unique and classic about loafers. Diversity in ones shoe collection is crucial, and this shoe not only adds diversity but it also gives a preppy edge to any outfit. The loafer (minus the penny), calls to mind that Harlem Renaissance man (picture Billy Dee Williams in Lady Sings the Blues), an era when style ran rampant.

3)The Denim Jacket
(Jacket, G-Star)
• Just like its relative (the motorcycle jacket), the denim version is another American icon, and is both fashionable and a great tool for layering underneath of your winter coat. The trick to finding a good denim jacket is to go for durability, quality and a great, streamlined fit.

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