by Rah Brown

“It all starts with a dream... I plan on making it a reality, real soon,” says Brandon Phillip Kanion (also known as Phillip “Kamaristar" Hartley), of his high goals and aspirations to achieve anything he wants. Currently a junior at Morgan State University, Brandon holds a respectable position amongst Morgan State’s fashion community; he sits on the Executive Board of FAM- Fashion At Morgan (Morgan State’s top fashion organization), as the Fashion Show Director, he also works hard to produce his own exclusive fashion designs.

When I personally met Brandon, he seemed to have brought some kind of light into the room with him, almost as if he makes you feel better about yourself… no matter the situation you’re currently in. As a child, Brandon was always into superheroes and the aspect of their clothing, sketching countless portrayals of them in costume.

He first realized his ‘passion for fashion’ during his first year at Morgan, but it wasn’t until his sophomore year that he started designing; this April will mark the one year anniversary of his clothing line, Kamaristar. During the anniversary, Brandon will host his biggest fashion show to date, there will be a showcase of 40 samples, which will include 27 ready-to-wear pieces, 10 swimwear pieces, and 7 couture pieces, all being designed for both men and women.

Brandon’s main influence in the fashion world comes from the trend-setting design duo, Dolce and Gabbana, whom equate to superheroes for Brandon and his own designs. Fashion is also a big inspiration for Brandon’s appreciation of music; he wants to be musically signed and still have his clothing line to be internationally known. It’s all based on an ongoing story written about the hero within himself, Kamaristar (which will be made into a musical); he recently held an exclusive listening party on February 4th, 2009, for his latest musical project, Phillip Hartley and the Lost Premonition.

Creatively pressing forward as the eternal artist he is, the future seems like an open canvas for Brandon... with all of his premonitions set to come true.

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