An American in Paris

Paris Fashion Week (The Highlights)

Yves Saint Laurent- FALL/WINTER 09

Soo, my first time in Paris (ever!!!), and I'm not only turning 30 years old... BUT, I'm also attending Paris Fashion Week... WOW! God is awesome.

On Monday, March 9th, 2009, I arrived in Paris, France (ready for action)! I settled into my hotel room and set out on a mission to throw myself into the parisian culture. Mission Accomplished! I spoke a little french (un peu)... and made my way to the metro... mind you, I never travelled in Paris before- but I knew what my destination was, and that was the Palais de Tokyo, where the YSL fashion show was being held. I rode ligne 2 metro to Place de Clichy and transferred to ligne 13, riding that to St. Lazare, and finally (lol), transferring to ligne 9 metro and riding that to Alma Marceau!!!

Now I know that there could have been an easier way to get there, but hey... for my first time in Paris, I think I did a pretty good job of getting around :-D

Upon asking a few people to help point me in the right direction, I found my way and boy was I in awe... I'd attended several fashion weeks in NYC, but this was more raw and organic being overseas and seeing fashion in the flesh... the paparazzi of course were on the scene, and as I approached the Palais de Tokyo, I could see why the paparazzi were buzzing about- I mean, c'mon this was the YSL show... Claudia Schiffer, Audrey Marnay, Kanye West, Anna Wintour, and the list goes on and on... STYLE 101 to the max!
(Kanye & Amber Rose)

I met with a friend who had access to the event, and once inside it felt like I was in a dream... the complimentary champagne, the sights the sounds, it was all HEAVEN (well, a slice of fashion heaven), at least, to me... and I will never ever forget that feeling!!!
(Claire Sulmers- Ms. Fashion Bomb)

The YSL show was classic... very quiet and intrinsic, with the music rattling a bit of subliminal jazz through the speakers. Pilati's color palette for Fall 09 was -majority- all black with racy leather accentuation.
(Chanel Iman)

My favorite piece was this 1-piece leather bikini worn by Caroline Trentini... KILLER!

After the show, my friend Claire told me that she had scored an 'exclsuive' interview with Kanye West... OMG!!! HOTNESS... check it out on her blog (www.fashionbombdaily.com).

Moreover, as we descended the grand staircase exiting the building, we had no idea we were being videotaped by CNN (we just found this out recently)!!!
Embedded video from CNN Video
(check for us at 2:54-2:56, walking down the stairs- me in the white scarf, and Claire in the brown jacket & white top)

(Joe Z and I, after the YSL show)

The mere fact that I was even in Paris, and then to be at the YSL show was unreal to me, so I must say that God's limitless Blessings continue to astound me everytime- Thank You Jesus!

Alexander McQueen- FALL/WINTER 09

Merci, Bercy... In typical Alexander McQueen form, his Fall 09 show was held in a very peculiar place, the Bercy sports stadium. The outside of the building is very interesting, with grassy knolls ascending the edges of the exterior (sounds weirder than it looks, lol)... but inside, the stage was set to a T.
(on my way to McQueen)
(McQueen invitation)
(me standing on the McQueen runway)

As we anxiously awaited the show to start, the mood was dark and somewhat seedy... with fire-engine-red lights glaring down on the runway. The red lights seemed to set ablaze a 10ft. tall pile of junkyard treasures... which -once the house lights were turned on- revealed chess pieces, rubber tires, everything AND the kitchen sink (as the liner notes for his show explained).

Before the models trumpeted out, pre-recorded human sex sounds looped in the background music... but when the show started, the music transitioned into throwback hits from McQueen's past, including "Spin, Spin Sugar" by the Sneaker Pimps, and "She's a Bitch," by Missy Elliot. The collection was "re-worked" as McQueen's liner notes stated, "trousers are transformed into jackets," "gowns into coats," etc.

But the idea that I ran away with was recycling, especially given the world's tragic economic status (but McQueen's recycling was done in the form of fashion). The theme explains the "junk pile" of everything plus the kitchen sink that literally lay in the middle of the runway (which ironically, the pile of treasure included tons of vintage stage props from all of his past runway shows).
(Sir Alex)
(McQueen finale)

The show ended with a note of sci-fi sentimentality, as the last two models walked out wearing HUGE feathered creations (birds of couture, I call them). The finale music was a pounding, human heartbeat that faded into a flatline and then picked back up with "Ben," by Michael Jackson (very interesting)?! Ben was actually a 1970's film about a young boy and a pet rat (the rat seemingly had intentions to overtake human society).

We all know that McQueen is too genius of a man to just make a song choice at random, lol... so I believe that "Ben" was appropriate for McQueen to show us how animals can be adversely affected by humans- he dramatically depicted a 'white-winged bird' and then showed how it can become black and tarred, like how sea birds can get caught in oceanic oil spills...
(McQueen's free-flying bird of couture)
(a beautiful sea-bird caught in an oceanic oil spill)
(McQueen's free-flying bird, never more)

Overall, my first Fashion Week in Paris was beyond imagination and truly a BLESSING... and I "Thank You" for following me on this journey!
(me @ the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris- on the Champs-Élysées)

Stay tuned for so much more to come...


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