GOD is in the details...

This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with GOD and spirituality.

I can't tell people what to do or what to believe in... But I can share some of my life experiences and people can take what they want from it.

Like I was telling a friend, there was a time in my life when things weren't at their finest point, I was doing drugs like cocaine, xtasy, heroin, too much weed and partying non-stop and got kicked out of one of the best schools in the world for f*ing up... and I have no shame in sharing my history!

It was at this point in time when I did not believe in God and was arrogant about it because I thought it was cute or chic or cool (that was the drugs talking, lol)... And a lot of people I was hanging around, they thought it was cool to 'dis' God as well... But guess what, God had to show me who was the boss!!! And my ass deserved to get whooped for being a fool back then.

All the vainglorious things that I thought I was doing on my own and all the "clout" that I thought I had- God took it away from me, quicker than you can count to 5... Literally (ask my real friends)!!! This was all about 7-8 years ago... but the point that I'm making is still relevant today...

The point is, that everything that "I" thought I was doing was right or what I thought I was doing was cool by not believing in God, but that was not cute! And God had to show me my faults. BUT (oddly enough), after God broke me down... God then had mercy on my soul and turned me around and rehabilitated me, God placed me on solid ground (period/point blank). And trust me, I know that it sounds sooo cliche and holy-roller-ish, lol... But it's the honest to God truth :)

I eventually re-enrolled in college, I founded my own fashion organization(s), I got a college degree, and now I teach kids what fashion is all about and how they too can accomplish and express themselves- against all odds... All because I started to realize and re-believe that God is real... The proof is in the pudding (check my facebook stats, lol...)!

And now, I'm 30 years old... I've travelled the globe... I've attended Paris fashion week... witnessed an Alexander McQueen show... made new friends... And just so much more!!! Not because of my own merits or actions, but because of GOD in me and all around me- placing me around other believers, inspiring me to believe and to work towards inspiring others to believe as well.

Too often we see the glitz and the glam (and we get blinded by it), or we see people doing wrong and we think that since they're doing "whatever it takes" to get to the top, then we need to do what "they" are doing too... WRONG! Do not be deceived as I was... You can have all that this world has to offer you and be all that God has for you to be- without doing what "they" do and without compromising yourself.

There will be tough times to make you stronger and there will be times when God will make you do some peculiar things in order to survive... But it's all good as I have learned. This battle in life that we all face (struggling with self-acceptance, drugs, peer-pressure, disease, being gay, being straight, financial woes, family neglect, being a foster child, teen pregnancy, being Black, being White, confusion, government, and all that s*it), it's not ours to worry about... It's the Lord's!!! God knows your struggles and your hurts and pains... And if I can offer any solace or condolences... Just know that you are already Blessed and things will work out for you :) ...just smile!

It's not about who has the most money or who's working the hardest to be at the top (because being at the top for some people is a lonely and unhappy view)... And it's not about who can say the most hail mary's or scream the loudest HALLELUJAH in church- and it's not even about if you go to church...

But what it is about, is you being in a quiet place (at home or wherever), getting down on your knees and just opening your mouth and speaking out loud to GOD -our creator... the God who made you, who made me, who made the birds and the bees and the trees... And that's how you know that God is real (it's that simple, you don't need a conduit or a filter), just look at the actual birds and bees and trees... neither man nor aliens nor the big bang theory created this world, God did- so just pray and believe, and God WILL answer you, and God WILL forgive you of whatever you feel guilty of, and God WILL show you things that will get you to where you need to be... I'm a living witness. NOBODY has/knows all the answers in this world, but rest assured that God sits high and looks low- so trust and believe that!

And it's like an old lady told me a while ago... God already pre-approved you to be here on this earth (no matter what your circumstances are), so why do you keep trying to seek approval or acceptance from other people or other sources?? That statement hit me like a rock... Because we are ALL made in God's image... So let's believe in ourselves and believe in the Lord and celebrate God, without needing other people's approval!!!

And fyi- even if you don't believe in Jesus, just try looking at Jesus from an objective standpoint, as a regular person just like you and me (take away the mysticism), and just see his story for what it is (even if you don't think it's real)- He was a man from humble beginnings, worked his way through life, had a powerful gift, helped others, struggled in dealing with who he really was, and was persecuted (killed) for just trying to be himself... Hmmm, that sounds a lot like you and me, right?! Lol... He is us, Jesus!

So, all in all... I just wanted to share that with you on this wonderful day- we're ALL blessed to be alive, so praise the Lord!!!

God Bless You... and thanks for reading!


Avon L. Dorsey II.

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