Mr. Obsessive: Spring 2009

The wind of change is blowing with hurricane force, engulfing all in its path.

Change is apparent in every aspect of today’s society and now fashion is beginning to reflect that change -being both exhilarating and frightening- yet, the thrill of the unknown (read: change) is what motivates us to experience life. This season’s garments are to be free-spirited and unafraid, embodying defiance in the face of conformity.

Spring ’09 Men’s Wear: English Gentlemen

The Bowtie
(Tyson Beckford in Dsquared2, S/S '09)
Ties are dreaded by many men as the “noose” that keeps them on a tight leash when doing business. However, the tie’s brother ‘the bowtie,’ is both formal and fun. Pairing a bowtie with shorts or jeans and an oxford shirt will give any man that studious -dressed up but dressed down- appearance that will leave on-lookers coveting that style.

The Sweater Vest
(Vest, Dorcas & Tirzah)
Often associated with the Cosby’s or someone’s grandfather, the sweater vest, is cool in a ‘geek chic’ kind of way. When paired with the right garments e.g., a simple v-neck tee shirt & jeans, the sweater vest creates a simple and clean look that is key for this season.

The Turtleneck

Back with a vengeance, this soft cotton creature is excellent for layering in spring's cool weather. When worn properly, there’s a level of sophistication that ‘the turtle’ adds to an outfit; neither prestigious nor dowdy, this is one piece of clothing that is sure to remain a men's wear staple.

Spring ’09 Women’s Wear: Dancing Queen

The Mini-Dress
(Jourdan Dunn in Louis Vuitton, S/S '09)
Yes, I’ll admit that the mini-dress has been around for some time, but the current versions that hit the streets, are rich with patterns and textures, and many celebs, such as Solange Knowles, have been seen wearing their own frilly and textured styles.

The Jumpsuit
(Jumpsuit, BCBG Max Azria)
The jumpsuit is making its re-appearance on many of the top designer runways, offering the kind of uniformed concept that only a ‘1-piece’ could. While the idea of a jumpsuit may seem a bit farfetched for some women, it certainly is a look that has caught on with true fashionistas.

The Boyfriend Blazer
(Boyfriend Blazer, Polyvore)
The eighties is like a bothersome ex that you can’t get rid of (yet there is still some appeal), and the boyfriend blazer gives you that same feeling. Infectious, bold and demanding, the boyfriend blazer should be a staple in any girl’s closet.

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