Music (hearts) Fashion (hearts) Music

When speaking of 'love affairs,' one of the greatest -in regards to mass media- is that between music and fashion.

Since the height of popular music-video culture, there have been numerous links between supermodels and rockstars, fashion labels and rappers, and so on and so on... thus breeding an ever-evolving fashion-music baby. A prime -if not the ultimate- example of this cross-collaboration, sprang forth from the RUN-DMC classic "My Adidas," in which the group eloquently waxed about their shoe of choice (the Adidas Shell-toe), circa the 1980's.

And in recent times, this fashion-music baby has been cradled by other artists such as Beyoncé (House of Deréon)

...and Kanye West.
West, especially receives kudos, because his fondness for fashion has led him to some of the most 'elite' collaborations in style history: designing accessories and shoes for Louis Vuitton, and his 'own' sneaker via Nike... not to mention the future release of his own clothing label, Pastelle!

(Marc Jacobs points out Kanye's 'Louis Vuitton, Don' sneaker)
(Kanye poses in a golden pair of Nike's 'Air Yeezy')
(Kanye sports a 'Pastelle' bomber jacket)


Artist Spotlights...

Senetra Bridgett
(Arte Nes Music)


This soul music artist (also a member of ASCAP), has an undying love for both music and fashion. It was at MSU where she joined the group FAM (Fashion At Morgan), and walked many a runway shows, eventually receiving a degree in fashion; for a while she also resided in New York and signed with a modeling & acting agency. Since 2008, Senetra has combined the worlds of fashion and music very poetically... no longer focusing solely on the catwalks but on the catalyst of high range sounds and melodramatic tracks. She says that her music, "speaks of real life experiences of love [loss] and passion," as she takes listeners on a musical journey. Popularly known -throughout the MD, DC & VA areas- for her eccentric style and powerful [vocal] range, Senetra exudes passion in every song she performs, and this passion can be heard on Senetra's new, hit single "Tears," currently burning its way through internet radio.

Jaimz Deen
"The Crisis" (album coming soon)


"PROTEST! FIGHT! OPEN UP YOUR EYES!" ...these are the words of burgeoning artist Jaimz Deen (a musical rebel with a cause). I became aware of Deen via sifting through the ton of new music artists featured on Myspace, when I heard a new electro/pop/R&B sound that was all too un-familiar from the mundane music we hear all day, everyday. In checking further into Deen's music page, I instantly became a fan and wanted to hear more! Fast-forward two years later, and Deen is set to bless the world with his debut album, "The Crisis." The lead single "Jesse Strange," speaks of a young man who grew up in a unique situation, "isolated from other children, [in the] foster care system, immediately disgusted by the state of the city he calls home." As this young artist continues to gain control of his own destiny, be prepared to hear music that encompasses fantasy and mystery battling human torment, as -in his own words- "Jaimz Deen is the quintessential urban anti-hero..."

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