Okay, so... as much as we love celebrities and celebutantes, we don't necessarily love the 'hate' that comes along with the territory. Granted, these 'special' people have some of the best trappings in the world -personal drivers, black & red cards, maids, millions, etc.- that doesn't give everyone the right to have access to them 24/7 (albeit they're in the public eye whether by choice or by default).

Such is the case with model/actor Dorion Standberry (BET's "College Hill," Season 5). Between the dates of June 21st-22nd, 2009, Standberry's Blackberry became an alleged hackberry, as his cell phone was reportedly stolen- with explicit 'personal pictures' and celebrity contact information being leaked onto the world wide web. The 'photos' of Standberry have caused a media uproar and are too racy to feature on our blog... but in response to the chaos, Standberry appeared on several internet and radio talk shows to rally against the culprit(s). His twitter status recently read, "I dont think ive ever been this hurt in my life!! Its nothing worse than feeling exposed and unsafe...GOD WHY!!"

We recognize that everything happens for a reason... but as of yet, there have been no forthcomings or solid specualtions as to who the alleged hacker or cell-phone-thief might be, and from the looks of things, only time will tell; but be assured that Mr. Standberry is not pleased with the situation. On the air with V-103 Atlanta, Dorion said, "I'm embarrassed... I'm not in the best mood right now," sounding annoyed and disheartened, he further went on to apologize for any hurt feelings people may have because of this scandal. He says, "It's not my fault, it's some loser that don't have a life... some hater that's trying to stop my [progression] in life!"

Fortunately -outside of any drama- STYLE 101: had the opportunity to talk to Dorion, fresh into his 'College Hill' success, while still a student at Clark-Atlanta University last year. We appreciate Dorion's talent and creativity and will continue to show him love and support, as he has done the same for us.

(March 2008)

Stand Tall Dorion, and God Bless You!

STYLE 101:

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