...what a spangled WEBB we weave...

There are models, and then there are supermodels... and amongst the super-clan strides the fabulous Veronica Webb!

Her beauty is clean yet androgynous, and often times people think that her career in fashion was just a fizz (lol). But au contraire, Mrs. Webb's career has been very extensive and barrier-breaking. During the height of the 1990's, Webb became the first Black model to sign an exclusive contract with Revlon cosmetics- a feat that would later help to open the door for other Black beauties such as Halle Berry (ironically, both ladies have a striking resemblance).

Moreover, Webb has appeared on the covers of Elle, Amica, i-D, VOGUE, et al.; she's walked the runway for Isaac Mizrahi, Byblos, Comme des Garçons, et al.; and she's been a fashion television host. Webb is married with 2 daughters, and has also recently been a guest judge on the Bravo TV realtiy series The Fashion Show, appearing alongside Kelly Rowland and longtime fashion-friend Isaac Mizrahi.

She has also appeared within the pages of the much-hyped VOGUE Italia 'Black Issue,' and the newly minted LOVE magazine (channeling Beyonce' as Sasha Fierce).

We're caught up in her fashionable Webb and will stay stuck for as long as she's around!


You Go Girl!!!

Michael Joseph Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

As the "King of Pop" left this world, he also left behind a legacy of love, life, and forever- music.

Love, being that which he had for everyone in this world, based on a philosophy he promulgated- that each human being have a talk with his/her own "Man in the Mirror," confront your demons and then confront the demons of the world, so that everyone can ultimately join hands with each other and prove that "We Are the World."

Life, being that which he propagated with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, creating 2 children- Prince Michael and Paris Michael-Katherine; as well, creating a 3rd child with a surrogate- Prince Michael II.

...and Music, being that which the whole world became familiar with since Michael was a child (at the age of 5). He first performed with his brothers in 'The Jackson 5,' and he later entertained us as a solo artist... amassing MILLIONS of fans across the globe, he sold more than 750 million albums worldwide (a Guinness World Record achievement)!!!

There's no need to further perpetuate the myths/lies/rumors/speculations surrounding Jackson's death... instead, let's focus on the aforementioned and the "goodness" that he shared with the world.

We Love You Michael, and May God Rest & Bless Your Soul Forever!!!