Okay, so... Bravo TV's hit, new reality series "The Fashion Show" has been way over, and the winner wasn't Daniella (as many expected), Anna McCraney was the last woman standing.

Now, with the return of Project Runway (on cable's Lifetime channel), will the two shows duke-it-out for the #1 fashon-reality show spot, or will Project Runway reclaim its throne... in the meantime, let's celebrate "The Fashion Show" and its success, before its out and forgetten about!

"The Fashion Show" was off to a heady start; fashion designers worked arduously -with guns ablazing- on weekly 'mini-challenges' conjured up by Harper's Bazaar magazine editors, as well, they received tedious design challenges thought up by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland (the shows' hosts). First there were 15, and then there were 4... and in the top 4 sat Anna, James Paul, Daniella and Reco -all of whom were deserving- but there could only be 1 winner.

Anna's winning designs captivated audiences because of her use of color, surprise body-shaping, and her clothes' practicality.

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