TV Chanel

by- Avon Dorsey

Okay, sooo, we LOVE Tyra... and we love her hit television show The Tyra Banks Show (congratulations on another Emmy Award, hunny)!!!

(Tyra Banks with her 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Informative Talk Show, 2008 & 2009)

But, we especially love her other show, America's Next Top Model, and we're feeling the newest cycle of would-be divas! Not only has Tyra opened the door for hundreds of girl-next-door beauties who dream of a chance at becoming a real fashion model, but this time around, she's giving the 'little' girls a chance too (i.e. girls that are 5'7" and shorter). The fashion industry has become notorious for its rigid standards on model size and beauty, and for the most part, female models have to be at least 5'9" or taller, to get a foot in the door (not even counting their looks). Tyra recognizes this as a hindrance to someone's full potential being realized, so she did what she always does, she created an opportunity where there may not have been one -and on a grand scale, to boot!

And speaking of consolation prizes, the viewers of ANTM were in for another surprise when a new panel of judges was revealed at the end of the show; the challenge -last night- was to see which contestant took the best 'grown-up' version of their baby picture, and with the judges following suit, each was seated -hidden- behind a large poster of their own baby picture (until Tyra introduced them), and the first judge she revealed was Chanel Iman!!! YAY...

In relation to the show, Chanel Iman is not a 'little' girl by any means, she's perhaps one of the biggest models of this decade -and Tyra's little sister!
We here at STYLE 101: loves Chanel to pieces!!! Not only does her full name encompass the very essence of fashion: "Chanel" & "Iman" (HELLO!), but she has also become a sort of role model for ANTM's young generation of viewers.

For the past 4-5 years, we've watched Chanel grow up in front of the camera -fashion camera, that is. She's even appeared on the cover of VOGUE magazine, and has been a guest on Tyra's eponymous daytime talk show.

(Chanel Iman @ top with Alek Wek & Tyra, @ bottom with other legendary Black Supermodels celebrating the VOGUE Italia 'Black Issue' on the Tyra Banks Show, 2008)

We figure that Tyra gave Chanel one of the famous "ty-over" pep talks about life after modeling, which is very important in the fashion business, and it seems that Chanel has taken the advice well. Maybe this television appearance will lead to more high-visibility for the ingénue?!
(Chanel Iman on the covers of Harper's Bazaar -Dubai, and Page Six magazines; and featured in a V magazine editorial)

Back in March, Chanel helped to revive MTV's House of Style, as a premier host, but only time will tell what's next for this beauty... until then, we will continue to tune-in to America's next top Supermodel, no matter what station she's on... so don't you change that TV Chanel! lol

P.S.- here's a look at Chanel along with Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn & Arlenis Sosa having a blast (posing) for the latest issue of i-D Magazine:


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