Fashion At Morgan

Just as fashion is near and dear to my heart, so is the student organization FAM (Fashion At Morgan), Morgan State University's premier fashion and modeling club.

During this year's Homecoming season, FAM presented its annual fall fashion show on campus, but things were a little bit different this time around... the production was on point (as usual), the models were gorgeous (as usual), and the clothing was fabulous (as usual), but for the first time ever, FAM was not alone in gracing the runway; they were obligated to share the stage with campus rival ABC, another Morgan State fashion organization.

The theme of the event was 'School Days: The Miseducation of a Model' (note the reference to Lauryn Hill), and yes, everything was everything! This joint-venture came on the heels of a cooling battle between FAM and ABC, as both groups faced off last semester -taking stabs at each other in seperate campus events- vying for the title of best fashion club; ABC even went as far as creating t-shirts that dissed FAM, but FAM remained classy with no public comment on the action.
(FAM models wearing Julian Pierre Swimwear)

Albeit the fall is usually reserved for primetime sports rivalries -e.g. football madness- one would not imagine a fashion smack down where students are concerned; ABC claims history as its fighting stance (10 years of establishment on Morgan State's campus), and FAM claims creativity as its position (5 years of innovation, and still growing). Yet, each group was forced to bury the hatchet due to the school's student government association intervening and giving them an ultimatum to either shake hands and be friends (and perform in the Homecoming show together), or prepare to have no fashion activity for the fall... ouch!!! But, as with all style arguments, fashion was the clear winner at the end of the day.
(FAM models wearing Paco Rogiene)(FAM President, Chavon Henderson with FAM male models)

As a result of FAM and ABC's teamwork, the fashion show was a hit with over 800+ attendees (equaling a sold-out show), media coverage and a winning-over of fans!
(Front-end & Back-end Team members Jessica Clark & Chanei Hollis)(Ticket holders)(800+ seated guests)

So, it's safe to say that for now, both groups can relax and enjoy the shared space, expect new interests in their organizations, and realize a newfound appreciation for healthy competition... because it won't be long before a 'new' fashion club rises from the ashes to lay claim to their own interpretation of fashion at Morgan.
(FAM models)
(FAM Executive Board)

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