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The day after Christmas is usually reserved for lounging around the house and/or spending extra time with family and friends, let alone a FASHION SHOW?! Yet, for the past two years, throngs of glittery fashionistas have ditched grandma's second helping of yams in order to satiate a more couture appetite...

STYLE 101: correspondent, Taryn Hankerson serves up the dish!

In my preparing to attend the uniquely titled 'Day After Christmas Fashion Show,' getting dressed became a production within itself. Besides the fact that the weather produced a ton of rain outside, my night would've been more stressful if I wasn't told to "think Nylon," not as in stockings, but one of my favorite magazines; which saved me a lot of time putting on clothes. I worked my jean jacket with a pale pink, over sized scoop-neck shirt, slid on a pair of 'liquid leggings,' and wore my floral oxfords. But to my chagrin, when I arrived at the venue I stuck out like a sore thumb (lol), due to the high-vibrancy of my colorful attire. Outside of the immediate shock value, I got plenty of compliments on my outfit, especially my hat!

The mood inside the event was mellow, encompassing an older crowd, so no immaturity was allowed... that is, until the bubbly was poured =]
(Event guests)

Unlike most fashion shows, the after-party seemed to take place before the models strutted the runway, leaving most of the guests satisfied with a slight buzz; attendees also got to enjoy tasty treats that were served during the waiting period (the crab cakes were to die for). At around 10:00pm the show was ready to start, the first model came out and strutted her stuff, while some of the others did the same throughout.

The first set of looks were very girly... mini, short dresses- you know, the kind that show off our killer legs =]

Next up, the theme slightly changed into a more rocker feel but it was still sexy- think vampires at a disco, and right-on-cue, Lady Gaga's music played; in my opinion, the dresses were very 80's inspired.

Afterwards, a tropical vibe snuck up on us, which wasn't expected. I'm not sure if it flowed well with the rest of the show, but there it was.

Presented lastly was a vintage inspired wedding collection, which -in my opinion- stole the show, hands down!

Overall, the fashion show had its good and bad parts, some audience concerns were that a few of the models didn't 'sashay' as well as the others, and there were long pauses in-between runway changes; other than that, it was an ok show.

Here's some feedback from backstage (interview with model, Joelee):

...and here's some feedback from the audience (interview with VIP guest, Ms. Shakeen Walters):

Thanks to Anta, Ndeye Niang and the rest of the DACFS staff, there's lots more to look forward to during the holidays rather than just gifts under a tree... we are ready for next year's day after Christmas!

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