Antavenues- New York Fashion Week F/W 2010


As a recent installment to their seasonal, off-site presentations of fashion designers and cultural taste makers, Antavenues has taken a step towards showcasing new and/or unfounded artists at their events.

Comprised of various backgrounds and disciplines, art has long been the highest form of expression and a way to visually share one's self -and thoughts- with the world. Through concepts and emotions, it allows a person to tell a story and pinpoint his/her views on the human condition. Such is the case with ROBIN GAYNES-BACHMAN, a mild-mannered woman who loves 'working in the reverse.'

Her creations center on deities and their attributes, using glittered-vinyl as her medium. Bachman says, "I've been doing vinyl paintings with glitter, for several years now," and she got her start back in 2001, painting life-size deities in oil.

Check out some of her work below:

More information on Robin Gaynes-Bachman can be found at www.robingaynesbachman.com

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