Brian Reyes- New York Fashion Week F/W 2010 Collections


The note-takers and rule-breakers were aligned on February 17th, for the showing of Brian Reyes. His designs have always been on the cutting edge of a fleeting and fickle fashion industry, and he's always managed to strike a chord between finding his own voice and pleasing the powers-that-be.

This season, Reyes' collection glowed with textured fabrics, plunging necklines, midriff tops and a fabulous chubby, blue fur!

It appeared as though the models were stuck in that seasonal transition between summer and fall, where you just don't want it to turn cold outside but you know it's inevitable... The hair was a bit tousled and the skin was radiant.

A triumphant showing for a slumping season.

More information on Brian Reyes can be found at www.brianreyes.com

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