With so much beauty in the world, it's no wonder that Origins decided to represent for mother earth. On Monday, April 19th, 2010, the Lauder-owned cosmetics company (Origins), presented its 1st annual ORIGINS ROCKS EARTH MONTH concert at Webster Hall (NYC).

The event, broadcast live on the company's website: www.origins.com/liveconcert, was a smashing success... and it was FREE! As part of Origins 'Return to Origins Recycling Program,' two free tickets were offered to individuals who brought in at least one empty cosmetic package (regardless of the brand); with all submitted packages being recycled or responsibly converted to energy! WOW ...way to go ORIGINS!!!

(Jane Lauder- Senior Vice President, General Manager of Origins)

(Juliette Lewis)

(Ryan Star)

(DJ Courtney)

(AJ Crimson, Celebrity Make-Up Artist)

(Alexis Farah, Associate Beauty Editor at Women's Health Magazine & Carly Cardellino, Associate Beauty Editor at SHAPE Magazine)

Our STYLE 101: experience was amazing, as we witnessed the celebs saunter down the 'green carpet,' and were later swooned by the musical performances of Ryan Star, Academy-Award nominated Jon McLaughlin, and Grammy-Award winner Macy Gray; Gray, the headliner for the concert (along with her band), wore head-to-toe organic clothing to celebrate the event.

(Macy Gray with event organizers)

(STYLE 101: Contributing Editor, Chanel Clemons & myself)

Moreover, each performer planted a tree to further promote the cause of Earth Month; Origins has aided reforestation projects globally, having planted 24,000 trees to date.

Here's an 'exclusive' look at what took place at the concert... Enjoy!!!
(Video) STYLE 101: Magazine @ 1st annual Origins Rocks Earth Month concert at Webster Hall, NYC

(video & photos- Chanel Clemons, STYLE 101: Contributing Editor)

Sarah Sternlieb (Origins Global Communications), Caitlin McNamara & Elizabeth Jenkins (Rogers and Cowan, PR)

fashion takes flight

Chanel Iman spreads her angel wings... and flies!

After a few short years of being on the international fashion scene, Iman has garnered the type of high-profile attention that most models only dream of.

She has gone from girl-next-door, to supermodel diva, appearing on the cover of major magazines and posing in blue-chip advertising campaigns...

(Iman in Allure magazine)

(Iman in Ralph Lauren campaign)

Another notch under her belt includes being cast as an 'angel,' for the mega-brand Victoria's Secret.

(Iman in VS Pink campaign)

For many models, a contract with VS means that your career is pretty solid; and with Iman, it's safe to say that her career is going up, up and away!!!

Take a look for yourself:

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- The Nakeds 2010)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Body 2010)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Undies 2009)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Push-Up 2009)

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Je ne sais quoi

Claire Sulmers explodes on the Paris fashion seine with her famous, daily bombs!

(Claire Sulmers, photo by Alaric S. Campbell)

STYLE 101: had the extreme pleasure of meeting this woman, about a year ago, in the city of lights (Paris), towards the end of the F/W '09 European collections. She gave us an exclusive 'guided-tour' throughout the town and whisked us away into a high-fashion-fantasy, as we attended shows such as Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

(me with Claire Sulmers, at Alexander McQueen's F/W '09 show- Paris)

From Atlanta, Georgia to New York City, and finally settling in Paris, France in the fall of '08, Sulmers set out to conquer the fashion world, one style at a time. Her online identity, The Fashion Bomb (a daily destination for the urban fashionista), was founded in 2006, just three years after she graduated magna cum laude (with highest honors), from Harvard, holding a B.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures and African-American studies. She has amassed a strong following of 'thousands' of fashionistas who react to her advice and tips on shopping, lifestyle and celebrities.

(Claire with Kanye West & Amber Rose, at Cerutti- 2010)

(Claire with Rihanna- 2009)

(Claire with Zac Posen- 2008)

As a writer, Sulmers' editorial work has appeared within the pages of (and online), for Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Real Simple, Newsweek, New York, and Essence magazines.

Sulmers' Vogue Paris (trend reports):




Moreover, Sulmers has become a bit of a celebrity herself, winning prestigious awards such as the 2009 Black Weblog Award for Best Fashion & Style Blog, and being named a Teen Vogue 'Blogger of the Moment' (2008).

In a nutshell, Claire Sulmers is the ish!!!

* All photos copyright The Fashion Bomb (except where otherwise noted).

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Dominican-born designer, José Duran, predicts the future with clear-cut vision and perfectly tailored clothing.

(José Duran, photo by Bao Tu NGoc)

STYLE 101: came to know of Duran a few years ago, when we heard his name being thrown around some elite circles within the industry... soon enough, Duran had his pieces on the backs of major celebs and he even broke through to middle-America via the hit reality show America's Next Top Model; with Saleisha Stowers and Jaslene Gonzalez modeling in his collections.

(ANTM season 8 winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, wearing José Duran)

Most recently, 'Park Avenue Princess' Tinsley Mortimer was seen on the red carpet wearing an exclusive Duran piece!

(socialite Tinsley Mortimer, wearing José Duran- CW premiere of High Society- February 2010)

We fell in love with Duran's F/W '10 collection, especially the gauzy Vionnet-inspired dresses.

(MADELEINE VIONNET gown, circa 1930's)

Duran's use of sheer fabric liberates the feminine power of its wearer, completely showcasing a sexy design aesthetic for next season...

Video (José Duran F/W '10 collection- February 26, 2010):

(Director- Daniel Garcia; Stylist- René Garza; DP- Ruben O'Malley; EP- Steve Choo; Choreography- Elena Vazintaris; Models- Indiamara @ IMG models & Megan Black @ Basic models; Make-up- Agata Smentek, Hair- Marco Guglielmino; Music- The Editors "In This Light & On This Evening")

For this season, S/S '10, Duran gives us a light-and-lovely approach to layering and a basic color palette, bordering on militaristic-chic.

Moreover, Duran showed his first-ever men's collection in Paris (last season), to rave reviews, and it seems that -pretty soon- he will have a well-balanced brand that caters to both men and women.

Video (Jose' Duran S/S '10 Men's Collection, presented at Harlem's Fashion Row- October 18, 2009):

If you're in search of a brand with attitude and edge, that also has a couture-crafted appeal, then Duran is the guy for you. Shop this designer!

Video (José Duran F/W '09 collection):

(Director- Augusto Araujo; Model- Sofia Ajder @ Women Direct NYC; Make-up- Erin Parsons, Hair- Aleksandra Sasha Nesterchuk; Styling- Marc Sifuentes)

For further information, José Duran is represented by The Berit Group PR, please contact them direct: pervisross@theberitgroup.com.

Video (José Duran, Designing Minds feature):

www.joseduran.net, www.youtube.com, www.thelifeofriley.squarespace.com, www.thefashionisto.com, www.poshglam.com, www.nineteen74.com, www.google.com

African Renaissance

Senegal's new monument sparks debate...

(Senegal's "African Renaissance" monument, 2010)

Out of the country's 12 million citizens, about 95% of them are Muslim, and they are not pleased with the erection of a large statue that features a Black man with a woman and baby in tow.

The enormous monument (dedicated to the legacy and progression of the Senegalese people), has been cited as being wasteful and an obscured vision of the human form. News site globalpost.com reports, "politicians charge that Senegal's economy is declining and health and education are in crisis, yet massive public funds are being squandered on the statue."

(monument, clashing against the country's needs)

Video (via AlJazeera):

Here's a look at the story Reuters reported...
3 April 2010, DAKAR

Fatwa issued on Senegal’s “monument of shame.” A leading imam on Friday issued a fatwa condemning Senegal’s monument to the “African Renaissance” in the latest blow to President Abdoulaye Wade’s project, a day before its inauguration.

Slightly bigger than New York’s Statue of Liberty, the giant group of man, woman and infant is perched on a hill overlooking the Senegalese capital Dakar and will be formally unveiled before foreign dignitaries and celebrities on Saturday.
The $28-million statue has been criticised as a waste of money in a country with crumbling infrastructure and welfare provision, while Muslims have branded it “un-Islamic” for presenting the human form as an object of worship.

“We have issued a fatwa urging Senegal’s imams this Friday to read the holy Koran in the mosques simply to ask Allah to preserve us from the punishment this monument of shame risks bringing on Senegal,” imam Massamba Diop told followers at his central Dakar mosque, using the term for a religious ruling.

Pro-Wade senator Ahmed Bachir Kounta, a Muslim scholar, said the statue was a cultural project and rejected the charge of idolatry.

“Every architectural work sparks controversies — look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris,” he said of the 19th-century structure labelled by early critics as an expensive eyesore.

Wade, who at 83 has confirmed he will seek re-election in two years’ time, has said he was personally involved in designing the statue. Critics have said it is more Soviet-style realism than traditional African art form.

The monument has been built by North Korean labourers, another source of discontent in a country where formal employment is scarce.

Wade has invited about 30 heads of state to Saturday’s inauguration, a day before the 50th anniversary of Senegal’s independence. U.S.-Senegalese rapper Akon and U.S. civil rights activist Jesse Jackson will also attend.

Opponents of the statue — which is billed as representing Africa’s rise from “centuries of ignorance, intolerance and racism” — are due to protest in central Dakar on Saturday despite a ban on all marches by town authorities.

(Senegal's "African Renaissance" monument, 2010)

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Erykah opens up a window to her soul and gives everyone a front-row seat.

For the premier of her new album, New Amerykah- Part Two (Return of the Ankh), Badu chose the song "Window Seat" as the lead single off the album.

In the video (inspired by Matt and Kim- a dance, punk music duo from Brooklyn, NY), Erykah is shown in a Mise-en-scène format, appearing as a normal, everyday citizen (walking down the street, sightseeing, etc.), until she begins peeling off her clothes- layer-by-layer... in broad daylight.

The video begins with a retro voice-over of a news announcer describing the scene of the late President Kennedy's publicity tour just before he was assassinated, moreover, the video ends with Badu being stripped (fully naked), and then seemingly being 'shot' in the same place where Kennedy was shot; as this takes place, a Badu voice over sounds, describing the importance for people to be individuals and how the idea of 'group think' can stifle creativity.

Erykah Badu, "Window Seat" music video:

In the past, Badu has always been one-step-ahead of the music pack, having won multiple Grammy awards along with a slew of chart-topping hits and avant-garde videos. Yet, nothing has ever compared to the theatrics of her recent venture, which unfortunately found Badu in the midst of a slight legal battle- with her allegedly being charged for "indecent exposure," while filming the aforementioned video.

Two years ago, Badu's creative genius caught the attention of fashion design icon, Tom Ford, who cast her in his eponymous White Patchouli fragrance ad, in June 2008.

Aside from the buzz about her latest music video, Badu is a critically-acclaimed artist who's known for producing great music... so maybe we should just take the back seat and let her music speak for itself...

Erykah Badu, "Window Seat" live performance:

www.erykahbadu.com, www.google.com, www.wwd.com, www.youtube.com