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André Leon Talley has the power to make or break ANTM contestants... and he's not afraid to use it.

(André Leon Talley, front-row at a fashion show)

Hailing from the legendary, fashion bible -VOGUE- Mr. Talley (who was the editor-at-large for the publication), has recently joined forces with Tyra Banks on the set of her hit, reality-television show America's Next Top Model. Some speculate that he jumped ship at VOGUE, and has officially departed from his long-time editrix boss, Anna Wintour; though he's still listed as a 'contributing editor.'

(André Leon Talley with Tyra Banks, at CW premiere event)

Seeing as though he does look down from on high, it seems only fitting to have such a fashion legend as Talley to be apart of Tyra's crew, lending his biting social commentary and "legitimate" fashion critiques to the would-be hopefuls.

(André Leon Talley, on the set of ANTM, with Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker)

Here's a look at some of the clips we found of Sir André giving some tough love to Tyra and her girls... Enjoy!

(Video: André Leon Talley, ANTM debut)

(Video: André Leon Talley, Vampire episode)

(Video: André Leon Talley, Supreme episode)

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