Erykah opens up a window to her soul and gives everyone a front-row seat.

For the premier of her new album, New Amerykah- Part Two (Return of the Ankh), Badu chose the song "Window Seat" as the lead single off the album.

In the video (inspired by Matt and Kim- a dance, punk music duo from Brooklyn, NY), Erykah is shown in a Mise-en-scène format, appearing as a normal, everyday citizen (walking down the street, sightseeing, etc.), until she begins peeling off her clothes- layer-by-layer... in broad daylight.

The video begins with a retro voice-over of a news announcer describing the scene of the late President Kennedy's publicity tour just before he was assassinated, moreover, the video ends with Badu being stripped (fully naked), and then seemingly being 'shot' in the same place where Kennedy was shot; as this takes place, a Badu voice over sounds, describing the importance for people to be individuals and how the idea of 'group think' can stifle creativity.

Erykah Badu, "Window Seat" music video:

In the past, Badu has always been one-step-ahead of the music pack, having won multiple Grammy awards along with a slew of chart-topping hits and avant-garde videos. Yet, nothing has ever compared to the theatrics of her recent venture, which unfortunately found Badu in the midst of a slight legal battle- with her allegedly being charged for "indecent exposure," while filming the aforementioned video.

Two years ago, Badu's creative genius caught the attention of fashion design icon, Tom Ford, who cast her in his eponymous White Patchouli fragrance ad, in June 2008.

Aside from the buzz about her latest music video, Badu is a critically-acclaimed artist who's known for producing great music... so maybe we should just take the back seat and let her music speak for itself...

Erykah Badu, "Window Seat" live performance:

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