fashion takes flight

Chanel Iman spreads her angel wings... and flies!

After a few short years of being on the international fashion scene, Iman has garnered the type of high-profile attention that most models only dream of.

She has gone from girl-next-door, to supermodel diva, appearing on the cover of major magazines and posing in blue-chip advertising campaigns...

(Iman in Allure magazine)

(Iman in Ralph Lauren campaign)

Another notch under her belt includes being cast as an 'angel,' for the mega-brand Victoria's Secret.

(Iman in VS Pink campaign)

For many models, a contract with VS means that your career is pretty solid; and with Iman, it's safe to say that her career is going up, up and away!!!

Take a look for yourself:

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- The Nakeds 2010)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Body 2010)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Undies 2009)

(Victoria's Secret, commercial- Push-Up 2009)

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