Heavy Hitter!

Weight has long played a major role in the lives of both models in New York and actors in Hollywood... but during the past few years, we've seen that barrier continually being broken down by many heavy hitters- especially on the big screen.

A-Lister's such as Queen Latifah, Mo'Nique, et al. have helped to reshape the way many Americans look at the idea of "plus-size," and whether it's beautiful, healthy or not?! Moreover, with this month's announcement of Jennifer Hudson joining the Weight Watchers roster of celebrity spokespeople, we've decided to take a closer look at the situation...

Jennifer Hudson
* VOGUE magazine
cover- March 2007

Jennifer Hudson
* Grammy awards-
February 2010

Many people believe that when an actor/actress becomes accepted by the mainstream, it's automatically suggested that he/she lose weight in order to become more successful. We've seen it happen to many a celebrity, but the question remains, whether it's right or wrong?! Is it in the person's best interest to slim down (for health purposes), or is it a 'professional' choice that the individual has to make?! Either way, no one should be forced or pressured into making a decision about his/her weight; here's what Hudson has to say:

Jennifer Hudson
* Weight Watchers, press
conference- April 1, 2010

Regardless of a person's struggle with his/her weight, there's no denying that every child of GOD is beautiful, and these heavy-hitting celebs prove just that... whether they're thick or thin, we love them all!

Gabourey Sidibe
* V magazine cover-
Spring 2010 preview issue


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