walking tall

Runway tween 'Diva Davanna' makes strides, but if her height was as big as her walk, she'd be all over the world, by now!

Davanna (a twin), first made headlines -almost seven years ago- when viral videos of her pumping and sashaying (in numerous fashion shows), hit the Internet; the YouTube downloads were incessant. She debuted alongside her sister in a small-scale runway event (so as not to be outdone by her sibling), and quickly became interested in the worlds of fashion and modeling.

Fast-forward to present day, and the consummate professional, Davanna (who turns 11-years-old on November 30th), has become an overnight success, even having appeared on heavyweight, talk show host Tyra Banks' eponymous, daytime program, where she wowed both Banks and the audience with her elegant strut (wearing custom-made clothing by her fabulous personal stylist/make-up artist/runway coach, Mr. Timotheous J. Smart).

Davanna's career is overseen by her mother (after all, she's still a pre-teen), and all modeling assignments are strictly booked through Sheila Foxx. You can catch Davanna making headlines -again- later this year, in a feature story on My9 News Network; as well, Davanna was an invited guest to two tapings of the new season of BRAVO TV's The Fashion Show (with host Isaac Mizrahi and supermodel Iman). Moreover, if you think the hype over Davanna is too much, you don't have to take our word for it... see for yourself:

* Video (Diva Davanna, on The Tyra Show)

* Video (Diva Davanna, Mother speaks about Davanna's career)

* Video (Diva Davanna, Fashion on the Hudson, show)

* Video (Diva Davanna, on America's Next Top Model, cycle 13)

* Video (Diva Davanna, Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, promo)

* Video (Diva Davanna, SecondLookTV.com, interview)

STYLE 101:

www.divadavanna.com, www.google.com, www.facebook.com, www.youtube.com/DivaDavanna, (Photos courtesy of divadavanna.com), (Diva Davanna videos by Anthony Pierre for pmvvideo.com)

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