NYFW: The Collections x Spring/Summer 2011

STYLE 101: reviews the designer offerings for Spring/Summer 2011, and we must say, we are READY for the warm months...


PAT KERR by Kristen Brown
* presented at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center- New York, New York: September 12th, 2010.

Debutante-worthy ladies clad in Missoni, YSL and Louis Vuitton, shopped and mingled amongst each other, in-between sips of freshly made 'mint juleps' (garnished with fresh mint leaves); this was the essence of Pat Kerr's offerings for next year.

Mannequins set the mood for what was to come, donned in the finest elegance; Pat Kerr's gowns were finished with lace petticoat, textures and varied silhouettes, everything was natural and romantic (synonymous with Southern flair).

...the bride has arrived!

* presented at the Trump Hotel (Soho)- New York, New York: September 12th, 2010.

Floral arrangements by Kenji Takenaka created columns along the warm, peach-lit room; regardless of the rain (which created a dreary horizon), the view set the mood for the Trump Heiress' collection of Fine Jewelry.

Styled by Junko Yoshioka, the models gracefully strut as the romantic lighting picked up the clarity in the jewels. Marbled fabrics mixed with old-Hollywood glamour and floral-esque textures supported the vintage style of the jewelry.

Timeless, yet fashionable, every woman needs to have a piece of this collection.


LUIS VALENZUELA by Kristen Brown
* presented at The GreenShows at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 12th, 2010.

If anyone could master Victorian-style frocks for 2011, Valenzuela succeeded in doing so.

Deconstructed men's wear transitioned into off-the-shoulder, voluminous tops with dramatic button and lining details of a corporate employees' favorite separates.

Accordion-cinched fabrics created futuristic texture from head to toe. Luis Valenzuela provided the crowd with innovative -and progressive- styles and shapes.


AURALIS by Kristen Brown
* presented at The GreenShows at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 13th, 2010.

'Kitten Coffee' lifted the exhausted attendees, while old-school hip hop spun us to our seats.

Designer Auralís Herrero-Lugo's mood was organic... and as the lights dimmed, Brazilian drums got the crowd thumping their feet as amazing separates flowed down the catwalk.

If, in September, you craved beaches, colorful sundresses and sturdy lace, one only needs to seek Auralis' looks from Spring/Summer 2011; these effortlessly sexy frocks are meant to be picked up by you AND next summer's light breezes ;)


* presented at The GreenShows at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 13th, 2010.

We've past the grunge and 80's period... so, what's next for this vintage-inspired world? The answer -of course- is Ms. Joann Berman!

Say hello, to the revival of amazing pop-retro-inspired dresses and separates injected with loads of color and natural flavor!

Berman's tapestry-style fabrics, African-inspired textiles and petal-scalloped skirts flounced down the runway, while the models swung their high pony-tails and strut to the sound of playful beats.

We can certainly tell -from this show- that in order to wear a piece from Berman's collection, you need to be prepared to have a good time!


* presented at The Plaza (Hotel)- New York, New York: September 13th, 2010.

"Rebellious Luxury," is the term that designer Sang A Im-Propp uses to describe her line of high-end accessories. This season, she showed tons of lizard, alligator, and snake skin concoctions; all very exotic!

She told us that she likes to mix the proportions of men's and women's aesthetics and toying with the juxtaposition of "uptown meets downtown" (high & low).

Moreover, graphic artist HyeWon Shim's featured installation helped to bolster Im-Propp's vision of form and function.

Im-Propp travels a lot to Europe and she says, "Bags are an extension of who we are," emphasizing that each, unique bag is also a reflection of the world's different types of people.


* presented at The GreenShows at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 14th, 2010.

'Eco-Couture,' has proven to not just be a thing for us pre-dispositioned-earth-friendly-inclined-human beings, it has grown from plain 'ole recycling to full-out high fashion!

Enter breakout designer Natasha Gindin, who showed a wonderful, well-crafted collection for next season's warm months... organic cotton hand-dyed with natural indigo, hemp webbing details, and fabulous shapes and colors that all bear Gindin's signature "LAVUK" trademark; effortless chic.

Not only was Gindin's inspiration partly drawn from the 19th century's "Art Forms in Nature," by Ernst Haeckel, we also found that most of her inspiration came from within- as Gindin herself leads a perfect example of 'living green.'


* presented at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 14th, 2010.

What do you get when you cross Vietnam with the Eiffel Tower?? Give up?! Well, the answer is simple... You get 'The Vietnamese Princess in Paris,' which -by the way- isn't just one princess, but TWO... in the form of the unforgettable Sachika Twins!!!

Identical twin designers, To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika, have presented their vision of luxe for the modern woman via a few housewives, a few sequined dresses, a star-studded front-row, a silk burnout wrap dress, a silk gazar skirt with jeweled appliques, and Ice-T's wife, Madame Coco!

And, what better way to summarize Sachika's aesthetic, than by putting it in their own words, "no matter her age, shape, or size, we believe true beauty lies in the confidence in a woman's step, the focus in her eyes, and the subtle challenge in the tilt of her chin."


* presented at Industria (Studio 4)- New York, New York: September 14th, 2010.

Not just a personal favorite of the First Lady of the United States of America, Jason Wu is also a go-to-favorite of iconic fashion house TSE.

Since 1989, the cashmere label has been groundbreaking and innovative in its design aesthetic, so strengthening the brand with Wu (and his subtle, wearable avant-garde approach), was a natural touch- no pun intended!

Wu's inspiration was pulled from the idea of illusions, and abstract expressionism. His offerings for the warm season, included a KNOCKOUT white cotton satin and chiffon drape gown (with lace up back), crocheted sweaters, linen trench coats and skirts, sweater dresses and hand knit silk tunics... partially styled by Akari Endo-Gaut (for TSE), and former VOGUE staffer, Elissa Santisi (for Jason Wu for TSE).

We TSE yes!


* presented at 87 Lafayette Street- New York, New York: September 14th, 2010.

Genius designer, Austin Sherbaneko said it best, "I am the one wolf," and that's exactly the type of courage and guts it takes to superbly wear any of his exquisite designs.

Sherbaneko's label explores the states of improvisation from which self expression is discovered, and it's hard not discover one's lust for the warm months in deconstructed denim and distressed leather!

The presentation of Odyn Vovk (pronounced oh-din vah-k), was subdued in a dim lighting and accompanied by live music; a projector screen also provided a short film displaying a male model's Gallic -yet dark- exploration through open spaces.

As Duran Duran would imply, Sherbaneko's passion for tailoring is hungry, like the wolf!


* presented at The GreenShows at the Metropolitan Pavilion- New York, New York: September 14th, 2010.

There were no sharp pleats here, only soft and well-constructed, un-abashed feminine pieces!

Pleet, presented a handful of beautiful models that wore her collection with pride... there was accentuation of the waist (the mid-section is key), and a pseudo rockabilly style that resounded throughout the entire evening.

For a night out on the town, if we had to choose... we'll take "Pleet's Please!" THANKS ;)


* presented at 'The Theater' at Lincoln Center, New York, New York: September 15th, 2010.

When decoding the Spring/Summer swim wear collection of Gottex, designer Molly Grad says, "It's a fusion of technology and luxury, created to accentuate the female form."

Et voila, a brilliant and -literally- dazzling arrangement of what we like to call 'techno-swim' was presented, replete with sparkling sun-visors, Lucite and crystal embroidery, silk bolero's, and encrusted tulle.

Your shore will be the bells and whistles of the ball if you're decked out in these hot 1-or-2 pieces... surf's up!

* presented at the Audi Forum (250 Park Avenue), New York, New York: September 15th, 2010.

Upper East... Upper West... blah, blah, blah. It doesn't matter what side of town you're from when deciding to attribute a style to Loris Diran's signature looks, because all of his designs will lift you UP and take you higher!

And, for Spring/Summer 2011, Diran proved just that with his high-velocity designs that presented both a rough & soft feel to the collection.

Cross-ribboned detailing, polka dots, luxe weaving & wefting, and gorgeous models galore... Diran delivered the goods this season, and we can't wait for what's next :)


* presented at the Red Bull Space (40 Thompson Street), New York, New York: September 15th, 2010.

If there were a present-day contemporary designer who embodied a similar -early design- aesthetic to monsieur Helmut Lang (for this season), it would have to be mademoiselle Althea Harper.

Her exquisite craftsmanship was slightly reminiscent of Lang's 1999-2001 years of design; sheer panel jeans, and circular cut-outs.

Harper's models (painstakingly posed to perfection), were given a final 'touch-up' by the collection's stylist, before guests were greeted by shades of grey, white, lilac and sparkly silver. This was definitely a collection that we enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!!!

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