Accessories to wear when you're going dancing, should look -and function- like this...


1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?
I’m Stacey Cole, and I am the Director of Going Dancing Pty. Ltd. About three years ago I designed the Showstopper wristbag –a funky purse or wallet- that straps securely to the wrist, keeping your valuables safe while you’re hands-free to do as you please.

Since then, I have focused on increasing the range of Showstopper styles available, as well as the number of colours and fabrics within each style.

While there are currently five Showstopper styles available, I’m working with my designers to come up with some new and innovative styles, including a range for children.

I've also been working with some very talented people in order to get the word out about the Showstopper. The idea is to make the Showstopper available to everyone!

2) When did people start to notice your potential?
When I first launched the original Showstopper designs, I didn’t have the budget for a big marketing campaign. So I started by wearing a Showstopper whenever I went out, and by giving them to family and friends as gifts. I couldn’t believe the response! People were stopping me in the streets and in shopping centers, demanding to know what I was wearing and, more importantly, where they could get one. The most common reaction was that people couldn’t believe that no one had come up with this idea before.

My friends were bringing me cash and orders written on scraps of paper, from people who had insisted that the Showstopper was something they couldn’t live without. I was also getting a lot of requests for specific colours that I didn’t have available, as well as requests for a Showstopper that could be worn for sports or at the beach.

So I chose some new colours and fabrics and doubled my original range, in order to take into account the public’s style choices. I then set out to design the Sports Showstopper and Surf Showstopper, which were finally released only a few months ago. As expected, they have been hugely popular so far. And it’s still winter in Australia – I’m expecting sales of the Surf Showstopper in particular to go crazy during the summer months!

3) Where is your career headed next?
Above all, the Showstopper is about safety. Wearing a Showstopper means that your money, cards, phone and keys are always within reach, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.

I’d like all women to feel safe that their essentials are within reach, and in particular, I’d like older women to never fear bag-snatching again. Men can feel safe that their valuables are safe at all times, without having to worry about their wallet being stolen out of their back pockets. And parents can feel secure that their children will never again lose their phone or money.

The idea is to make it easy for everyone, men and women alike, to find a Showstopper to suit every outfit and every occasion.

In order to achieve this, I've designed the Showstopper to be stylish and fashionable – an accessory to be seen in, rather than something to hide. There are five different Showstopper styles so far, all of which are available in different colours and fabrics. Most Showstoppers are also available with a choice of gold or silver buckles and studs in order to suit the wearer’s jewellery style.

I believe that my purpose is to help all people to stay safe, and that the Showstopper is the way to achieve this. So where is my career headed next? My job now is to spread the word about the Showstopper, and to make the Showstopper accessible to as many people as possible.

* Video (consumer review, The Showstopper, youtube.com/iPodrikky, 2010)

* Video (promo, The Showstopper, 2010)

(PHOTOS courtesy of: Going Dancing Pty Ltd.)
* More information on The Showstopper, can be found via their website, at: http://www.showstopper.com.au

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