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Homecoming 2010 & Fashion At Morgan + Russell Simmons = a great fall season of football, fashion and philanthropy!!!

Not that we're super-thrilled about the antics on the playing field, we just love the antics of the dressing-room a tad bit more... and we're always excited to hear about what goes down on college-campuses during the festive homecoming season! One campus, in particular -MSU (Morgan State University)- has always seemed to provide fun and excitement (along with structured academics), to its style-savvy students, and this year, they did not disappoint.

(logo, Morgan State University)

2010 marked the fourth, consecutive year that FAM- Fashion At Morgan (MSU's premiere fashion and modeling club), has spearheaded the annual, homecoming fashion show; except this time around, FAM welcomed aboard two other campus groups, ABC (Absolutely Beautiful & Confident modeling organization), and iConic Modeling Empirical, to help coordinate the event. And, on Monday, October 18th, FAM (along with ABC and iConic), presented "Three Worlds Collide" (a juxtaposed fashion-collaboration), to a sold-out audience, with more than 600+ fans in attendance.

(photo, MSU Homecoming Fashion Show- FAM model. October 2010)

(photo, MSU Homecoming Fashion Show- ABC model. October 2010)

(photo, MSU Homecoming Fashion Show- iConic models. October 2010)

Providing further insight into the 'back story' of the three student organizations, here's a news article from MSU's official, student newspaper The Spokesman, written by Krishana Morgan:

(clip, MSU Homecoming Fashion Show. October 2010)


We definitely can't wait until the spring, to see what these talented students show the campus next!


Speaking of shows, it's not often that a multi-million dollar media mogul let's his guard down and invites you into his home... that is, unless you're Russell Simmons- and you're feeling groovy, baby!

Simmons, the godfather of hip-hop music, has teamed up with Oxygen television network, to present "Running Russell Simmons," a new, reality-TV series centered around the many 'hands' that help shape Simmons's multi-tiered, multi-faceted business.

(poster, Running Russell Simmons. November 2010)

Premiering this month, the show will take viewers inside the world according to Uncle Russ (Simmons), proving that a famous life is not as easy as tabloids make it appear (celebrities wining and dining and receiving numerous perks), but attaining such a life requires hard work, and a consistent team of assistants; yet, the spin to Simmons' show is that ALL of his assistants are... female!

Take a peek here:
* Video (hulu.com, Running Russell Simmons, clip, November 2010)

Happy viewing...

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