digital death

In response to this year's World AIDS Day (Wednesday, December 1, 2010), the non-profit, advocacy organization Keep a Child Alive is dishing out 'Digital Death'.

KCA was co-founded in 2003, by philanthropist Leigh Blake and music prodigy, Alicia Keys, and their mission is to provide treatment, love and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS. Via its official website (keepachildalive.org), KCA says it "provides first class AIDS care through doctors, nutrition, testing, transportation, and treatment for opportunistic infections, which are all necessary for anti-retroviral treatment to be successful. KCA also provides the care and support to keep orphaned and abandoned children safe."

The 'Digital Death' campaign (as reported by the New York Times), is a movement in which celebrities sacrifice their social 'media' networking (read: digital lives), for KCA, until fans bring them back-to-life via specific dollar amount donations being raised nationwide. KCA says, "These artists will not be back online, on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs [etc]... until YOU buy their lives back and raise a collective $1 Million for Keep a Child Alive."

Join the fight against HIV/AIDS by texting the words 'BUYLIFE' to 90999 and reply YES to the text message; $10.00 (USD) will be charged directly to your monthly cell-phone bill.

* Video (Alicia Keys, Digital Death, December 2010)

Help Blake, Keys and countless others to give real life to millions affected by HIV/AIDS. For more information, please visit: buylife.org.

www.keepachildalive.org, www.buylife.org

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