Fit for a Queen...

* FRIDAY, APRIL 29th, 2011 *

London, England (at Westminster Abbey)- The world (billions of television viewers), tuned-in at 8:00 AM (GMT), to witness the nuptials of Prince William of Windsor and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Hundreds of royals, dignitaries, family, friends and celebrities traveled far-and-wide to attend the wedding, which to many has become a virtual "Cinderella story" for Middleton (a commoner who married a real-life prince-charming).


The highlight of the occasion, was the revealing of Middleton's wedding gown, designed by Sarah Burton, Creative Director of the house of Alexander McQueen, of which, Middleton said she was inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding gown; the late princess that shared a similar Cinderella-story marriage.

The sad realization -for many- was the fact that William's mother -Princess Diana- is not alive to witness such a grand occasion, yet it's apparent that the newlyweds are -and forever will be- surrounded by love and respect, coming from Prince Charles (William's father), and of course The Queen herself (Elizabeth of Windsor).

In wishing the 'New Royals' well, here's our tribute to a fitting occasion.... ENJOY!!!


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