Style Spotlight: Dona Adrian

After YEARS of being a major, powerhouse contributor to industry corporations such as HBO, and the fashion industry (in general), legendary dress-maker, Mrs. Dona Adrian, has recently begun to step out of the shadows, and into her own spotlight...

STYLE 101: caught up with the fashion maven, to find out what's her recipe for couture success!

*Interview by, Avon Dorsey:
1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?  I am Dona Adrian. Under the umbrella of my company, there are three divisions under development; first and foremost is Dona Adrian Couture, second is ADRIAN, and thirdly is Dona Baby. I love to dress women; I love to bring a new twist to classic clothing through fabrics and detail. It has always been my intention to open a couture house providing customers with personal service & attention. 

2) When did people start to notice your potential?  From the very beginning, when I began to show my clothing, the audience responded with positive accolades. I have always been encouraged by that energy!

3) Where is your career headed next?  I have always worked with a private clientele. Most recently, I have been pursuing boutiques & costume designers. I've also been working to develop an online store.

* To learn more about Dona Adrian Couture, please visit www.DonaAdrian.com, and follow her on Facebook & Twitter @DonaAdrian.

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