Style Spotlight x Alexander Allen


Over 10 years ago, Brooklyn native (and fashion veteran), Alexander B. Allen raised the stakes in the fashion industry.
 (Monsieur Alexander Allen)

His client roster included Beyoncé, Amerie, Brandy, et al. Perhaps, he may not be known by many, BUT Allen is definitely known by 'the right ones.' He is the go-to person for fashion advice and direction, from celebrities to corporations alike, and he was responsible for the game-changing 'image' that helped salvage the career of rap star, Eve...

(Alexander Allen's World x Eve)

Allen also helped to make iconic, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami HOTTER than what he already was (FYI, we're talking about thee Takashi Murakami who was responsible for Kanye West's critically-acclaimed, album-art for Graduation + the legendary, Louis Vuitton 'Murakami' bags)...

 (Alexander Allen's World x Takashi Murakami)

Now, if I wrote any more information on Allen and his laundry-list of accomplishments in the fashion industry, I would have to charge you all $100.00 per word... LOL... But, I will finish things off by saying, Allen is much more than a 'fashion stylist,' he is an "Image Director" who makes things totally AAWESOME!!!!!
Check out our exclusive interview, below:

1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?
 I'm Alexander Allen, international image director. With my talent, I plan to accomplish all of my dreams, wishes and desires, and in the process, help countless others to do the same.

2)  When did people start to notice your potential?
 People started to notice my potential for greatness since Kindergarten. Gratefully, my family instilled in me a strong work ethic during my formative years.

3)  Where is your career headed next?
 With GOD's blessings, my career is headed to stars. More diversification, setting and playing by my own rules and fun-filled/stress free projects only.

Last week, Allen celebrated another year of fashion, at THE BOWERY ELECTRIC (327 Bowery @ 2nd street), in NYC... check out some of the high-wattage-hotness below:

 (Alexander Allen's World x Bowery Electric,
party guests Meah Pace & Sunshine Outing)

 (Alexander Allen's World x party guests)

 (Alexander Allen's World x party guests)

(Alexander Allen's World x party DJ)
(Alexander Allen's World x fashion show) 

(Alexander Allen's World x fashion show)

(Alexander Allen's World x fashion show) 

...Cheers to him and all of his accomplishments! Please join us in saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!



* For more information on Alexander Allen, please visit his website, at: www.AlexanderAllensWorld.com 

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