Odilon x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at The Standard Hotel, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

(Odilon x FW '12)

MADE by Milk (Studios), presented yet another intriguing mix of downtown-meets-cool-fashionista, via designer Stacey Clark's Odilon.
(Odilon x FW '12)

Clark's Fall/Winter 2012 collection gave answers, just as much as it asked questions... nicely articulated in her iconic, Red Owls knit sweater; which bore the phrase, "The OWLS are not what they SEEM."

(Odilon x FW '12)

In trying to decode the aforementioned quote, it's safe to say that at a glance, the zig-zag motifs (which resonated throughout her collection), gave way to the idea that life is an up-and-down journey in which we're all -in some way- going through 'jagged' times.

(Odilon x FW '12)

Clark even referenced David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" as part of her inspiration; and if you're familiar with Lynch's work, you know that it's NOT EASY TO DECIPHER.

(Odilon x FW '12)

Contrastingly, in Lynch's world, nothing is at all what it seems... yet for Odilon, it's obvious that Clark hit all the right notes!

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