Rosa Pushér x NYFW, FW '12


New York has seen its fair-share of emerging, fashion designers, and we've all jumped on a few bandwagons -or two- lol... Yet, I'm in love with this collection by the adorable, Ms. Tammy Pushér!!!

The standout pieces from Rosa Pushér's Fall/Winter 2012 collection, are the jumpsuit, the pleated-leather skirts and the pleated dresses with contrasting trim. And, if -by chance- you're wondering who "Rosa" is, it's the name of Pushér's mother (whom she decided to name the label after).

With an array of exquisite fabrics, such as lace, silk and soft, buttery leathers, obtaining a piece -or two- from this designer, will be well worth your purchase ;-)


Stevie Boi x NYFW, FW '12


*presented at Hanky Panky, New York City, New York. February 10th, 2012.

As is the case -EVERY YEAR- that I attend the Steven Strawder (b.k.a Stevie Boi of SB Shades) show, there's never a dull moment!!! And this year, for Fall/Winter 2012, Monsieur Stevie upped-the-ante for his ultra-glamorous, ultra-famous, eyewear collection. Hosted by Malik-So-Chic, Strawder's presentation showcased illuminated shades with vibrant hues of red, and blue (fastened at the temporal-hinge), as well as some gold and silver-studded lenses.

The event space was also lit up with a few, key, industry stars, including Stevie Boi's gal-pal -and MTV VMA nominee- Kreayshawn, Malik The Stylist, male supermodel Shaun Ross and Ty Hunter (celebrity stylist to Beyoncé)!!!

(Stevie Boi & Kreayshawn)

(Malik The Stylist, Shaun Ross & Ty Hunter)

(Ty Hunter & our Fashion Correspondent, Latease Lashley)

Needless to say, the show was PACKED, and we all had a blast, dancing the night away ;-D

Ricardo Seco x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at Exit Art, New York City, New York. February 16th, 2012.

(Ricardo Seco, invitation)

For his debut, Fall/Winter '12 collection, fashion designer, Ricardo Seco took men's wear to another level... He sent high-collars, metallics, slim-fitting pants and wonderful high-top sneakers down the runway; all while a live-band played music in the background!

(and, the band played...)

(Seco x FW '12)

My favorite item was a belted, black overcoat that had a psuedo-fanny-pack attached to the waist (it was both modern and utilitarian).

(Seco x FW '12)

I honestly can't wait to see what Seco does for next season... the men's wear market NEEDS his breath of fresh air ;-)

Lauren Bagliore x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at 22 West 39th Street, New York City, New York. February 16th, 2012.

(Lauren Bagliore, invitation)

With a pedigree such as her's, it's no wonder why Lauren Bagliore's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection was a hit!!!

Bagliore -pronounced "bal.your.ray"- is an alumni of F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology), and has worked at prestigious, fashion design houses, such as Libertine, Vivienne Westwood and Zac Posen. When I received her invitation, I was ecstatic because I love edgy, burgeoning designers such as Bagliore, and I wanted to show as much support as I can.

Her collection (comprised of sumptuous Italian fabrics),  showcased feminine, architectural and asymmetrical shapes that were draped and versatile for wearability...

Moreover, Bagliore didn't just show once, she showed twice, this season, debuting her collection for the exclusive Polyvore x CoverGirl event, in addition to New York Fashion Week! This just goes to show, that Bagliore is on her way to the TOP!!!  xoxo!!! ;-D

Farah Angsana x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at The Studio at Lincoln Center. New York City, New York. February 15th, 2012.

Timeless and transitional, are two words that come to mind, when analyzing Farah Angsana's Fall/Winter 2012 collection!

When I received the invitation to attend, it was met with über excitement, because my sister (Cayla Hutton), had been appointed the stylist for Angsana's show... therefore making the event a sort of larger-than-life experience for me and #TeamStyle101's correspondent, Ms. Kristen Brown (a former classmate of Hutton's).

Moreover, outside of Hutton's contributions, Angsana presented bold colors and shiny fabrics, and used strong proportions to emphasize her jackets, dresses and suits; to say I was amazed, is an understatement...

(designer, Farah Angsana, after the show)

GOOD JOB, LADIES!!!  xoxo!!! ;-D

Emilio Cavallini x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at The Box at Lincoln Center, New York City, New York. February 13th, 2012.

True-to-form, with theatrics as his guide, Emilio Cavallini's Fall/Winter 2012 collection was short, sweet and to-the-point! A provocative short-film served as the runway backdrop, while Cavallini's models did a few, still-life poses and sashayed to either enter or exit stage left!

The contrast of colors (like blue and green), paired with black, made a striking statement, as the woman in the short-film showed us the time that it takes for a woman to get dressed (layer-by-layer), as opposed to just waking up beautiful.

(designer, Emilio Cavallini, after the show)

Zang Toi x NYFW, FW '12


*presented at The Studio at Lincoln Center, New York City, New York. February 13th, 2012.

Glamour at Gstaad (or G-squared, as I like to call it), was presented -not in an exclusive ski resort atop the Swiss Alps, but- on a breezy, Manhattan day, during New York Fashion Week!

For Fall/Winter 2012, established, fashion designer Zang Toi gave us his take on "...exquisite craftsmanship via luxurious fabrics and fine tailoring." Toi proved -yet, again- that he knows how to cut-and-sew a fabulous dress (or two... or three).

Continuing on his path towards branding the 13-year-old fashion house, Toi showcased bejewelled handbags, double-faced wool cardigans, cashmere trouser suits, silk-satins and brush-stroked, organza ball gowns.

Each season, that I attend Toi's show, I get the feeling that we're magically transported to a world of fantasy and make believe, where girls -and guys- can wear whatever we want, however we want... even if we end up in Switzerland!!! xoxo...  ;-D

(designer, Zang Toi -middle- with models)


Staci Sherri x NYFW, FW '12

Designer's Premier x STACI SHERRI  
*presented at Helen Mills Event Space, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

It's only just a matter of 'time' until everyone gets to see what designer Staci Sherri is capable of doing... and, for Fall/Winter 2012, she used her currency wisely, to present a lively, surprised-filled collection!

Sherri, chased down her piece of the American Dream (one-look-at-a-time), via color-blocked jumpsuits, exposed 2-way zippers, peter-pan collars and metallic fabrics.

If Sherri were to be incarcerated for presenting some very, nice pieces for next season... her sentence would be LIFE!!!  

(designer, Staci Sherri, after the show)


Mason Sylvester x NYFW, FW '12

Designer's Premiere x MASON SYLVESTER
*presented at Helen Mills Event Space, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

If it had to be summed-up in a trendy phrase, lol... I guess, 'Persian militia-chic' would be fitting, to describe Mason Sylvester's collection for Fall/Winter 2012.

Sylvester says, "menswear can have a subtle component of glamour while still remaining masculine."

Indeed, his male models were just that, dressed in rustic color palettes, textured prints, and soft pops of 'bling' trimming!

I definitely want the cropped, star-print jacket in my wardrobe, next season *wink wink*


Cheri Fashions x NYFW, FW '12

Designer's Premier x CHERI FASHIONS, LLC
*presented at Helen Mills Event Space, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

Inspired by "the movement of animals found in their natural habitats throughout the winter nights," Cheryl Altschuler presented us with her take on 'The Shimmer and Glimmer' of Fall/Winter 2012.

Altschuler's collection featured a ton of silver and iridescent fabrics, all swathed in patches and ruffles on gathered gowns, halter tops or knee-length skirts.

Stretch velvets,  and sequins danced together on her runway, and slinked on the models' figures, one after the other... in perfect harmony!

(designer, Cheryl M. Altschuler, takes a bow)

Anna Francesca x NYFW, FW '12

*presented at Helen Mills Event Space, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

(the designer, Anna Francesca)

Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black, from the Twilight film saga), wasn't the only one who broke dawn, this year... Anna Francesca did, also! Her Fall/Winter 2012 collection drew heavily on Native American themes and references; some clothes were either printed with Native-style motif(s), or constructed to give an ancient effect!

The male models -especially- were drummed out in long, free-flowing hair and stylized war-paint on the face.

And, of course, a ritualistic, fashion offering would not be complete without the use of feathers and crystal elements... all of which, Francesca nailed, down to a "T."