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Regarded as one of my TRUE sisters, and a living legend-in-the-making... I was honored that the fabulous and über-chic, Ms. Cayla Hutton, agreed to sit-down for an exclusive STYLE 101 interview!!!

We've been following her meteoric rise in the fashion industry, since Day 1... from Teen Vogue Fashion University, to W. And, here's a glimpse of what it's like, to be keepin' up with Cay:

1. So, Cayla… you recently styled a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show, for designer Farah Angsana; tell us, how were you brought on board for that assignment?
It was actually coincidental; a good friend of mine was producing the entire show. They had been through several stylist[s] already, and one day while venting her frustrations to me, she asked if I would be interested in the job; of course, I said yes! I joined the team -exactly- a week before the day of the show. There was so much work to be done -in a short amount of time- but, I jumped in excited and enthused nonetheless, ready to work!

2. When did you decide on pursuing fashion as a career?
I decided to pursue a career in fashion, during my college years at Morgan State University. I've always loved fashion, but the amazing, thrilling life of fashion -I had always dreamed of- never seemed attainable to me. After a year and a half of forcing myself to be a Business major, I decided to switch my major to Fashion Merchandising, to pursue fashion more seriously and to follow my dreams.
3. You’ve also worked for W Magazine, an Estée Lauder campaign, and a few other industry projects… What have you learned from those previous accomplishments?
I'm learning about myself! It's been such a journey already, and I feel like I'm just beginning. I was a baby when I started working at W! Although, at times, I still feel 'wet behind the ears,' so to speak... I'm growing, not only professionally, but personally. I've been freelancing, for about a year now, and I've worked with Reed Krakoff, Project Runway Allstars and Karl Templer, and I'm really finding my voice in fashion. I'm figuring out exactly what I'd like to do and also developing a backbone. This industry is tough and if you don't know who you are, it's so easy to get lost in this crowd.
4. Who would you credit as a source of inspiration?
My peers! There are so many creative people around me, each of them creative in their own ways. Everyone has their own worlds, their own realities, their own lessons... I love that. I love learning, observing and growing from those around me.

5. Were do you see yourself, in the future?
There are so many different things I can see myself doing in the industry. From styling, to editing, to possibly directing one day; the possibilities of the future are endless and so exciting. Whatever it is (the future holds in store for me), I just hope to be happy, successful and passionate about what I am doing.
(Cayla -third from left- on location, in Jamaica,
styling for a charity fashion show)
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