The Color of Style x Kristen Brown


We caught with our girl-about-town, Ms. Kristen Brown, to gauge what's next on-the-radar for her...

Kristen has been a great source of inspiration for me, for a few years now... and EVERY TIME we re-connect, she's always up to something new!!!

Here's what she's doing now:

1)       Hi Kristen… please, tell us a little bit about your background, and what led you to New York City, New York?
Hello STYLE 101! I grew up in a small town, in Texas (called San Angelo). I was raised in a more artistic household; I would steal my mother’s lipstick, melt it down or mix [it] with olive oil and put [it] into a palette. I have always been interested in makeup, and because of my father’s love for music, I think I had to find a perfect mesh of the two. I craved NYC and knew that eventually [I] needed to be there.  I felt like it was a foursquare check-in [that] I needed to unlock. It took only 6 years, for me to be brave enough to move from comfort to the unknown. 
2)       When did it become clear, that make-up and music would be your passion(s)?
I love art. I love the emotions you get when you see your favorite, color eyeshadow or listen to good music. When I decided to move to NY I needed a plan. I need to go after what makes me emotional. I woke up and realized I was...                                                                         
3)       What have you learned from your past?
I am enough. We second-guess ourselves so much that we don’t take any steps forward. Sometimes, not standing still in your progress, you miss your blessing and opportunities. People are genuinely interested in what I have to do with my life, and that gave me the boost I need to push myself.  It’s the motions that you take, that prove progress. JUST DO IT.
4)       Who have been the most inspiring people in your life?
My aunt Jacynth . She turned a hobby into a side business and everyday she pushes herself to get to the next level. When I was younger, I used to marvel at how feminine she was with her makeup collection, her beautiful perfume collection,  her heels.  She keeps everything together.
5)       In your career, where are you headed next?
Sephora! I want to start branding myself and my work. I want someone to see me as [a] pioneer for women in the cosmetic[s] industry; [someone] who was innovative and intuitive. I want to have my cosmetic line in Sephora, department stores [and] funky vintage stores in NYC. I can’t wait to go to IMATS and The Makeup Show and set up my own booth. It’s on my own vision board.
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