Staci Sherri x NYFW, FW '12

Designer's Premier x STACI SHERRI  
*presented at Helen Mills Event Space, New York City, New York. February 12th, 2012.

It's only just a matter of 'time' until everyone gets to see what designer Staci Sherri is capable of doing... and, for Fall/Winter 2012, she used her currency wisely, to present a lively, surprised-filled collection!

Sherri, chased down her piece of the American Dream (one-look-at-a-time), via color-blocked jumpsuits, exposed 2-way zippers, peter-pan collars and metallic fabrics.

If Sherri were to be incarcerated for presenting some very, nice pieces for next season... her sentence would be LIFE!!!  

(designer, Staci Sherri, after the show)


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