Zang Toi x NYFW, FW '12


*presented at The Studio at Lincoln Center, New York City, New York. February 13th, 2012.

Glamour at Gstaad (or G-squared, as I like to call it), was presented -not in an exclusive ski resort atop the Swiss Alps, but- on a breezy, Manhattan day, during New York Fashion Week!

For Fall/Winter 2012, established, fashion designer Zang Toi gave us his take on "...exquisite craftsmanship via luxurious fabrics and fine tailoring." Toi proved -yet, again- that he knows how to cut-and-sew a fabulous dress (or two... or three).

Continuing on his path towards branding the 13-year-old fashion house, Toi showcased bejewelled handbags, double-faced wool cardigans, cashmere trouser suits, silk-satins and brush-stroked, organza ball gowns.

Each season, that I attend Toi's show, I get the feeling that we're magically transported to a world of fantasy and make believe, where girls -and guys- can wear whatever we want, however we want... even if we end up in Switzerland!!! xoxo...  ;-D

(designer, Zang Toi -middle- with models)


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