101 with Chavon Henderson

Amongst other things in life, Ms. Henderson is a total, free bird... but don't just take our word for it... see for yourself!!! GET INTO IT!!!

1) So, Ms. Henderson, how are you?!
Mr. Dorsey, darling! I’m great…I can’t complain.

2) At what age, did you figure out that fashion was meant for you (recreationally and/or professionally)?
I figured both out at different times, recreationally [at] about 17 years old [and] professionally [at] about 19/20 years old.

3) When did you decide that you wanted to become the President of FAM (Fashion At Morgan), and were there any obstacles to overcome, as the first female in that position?
I decided I wanted to be President of FAM, during my tenure as Treasurer [on its] executive board. To be honest (as I reflect on being just a model), I never considered or saw myself as a President, that progression -into being the 1st female President- was God’s work; totally, not something I planned initially. Being in that position I faced many obstacles, but I can see now, that those same obstacles helped mold me into the person I am now, they changed me for the [better] and gave me an advantage that most people will never have. Being not only a leader, but a female leader, is a difficult feat in itself… I’m thankful for the experience!

4) Why is it important to follow your heart? It is sooooo important to follow your heart, because you only have one life to live, and if you aren’t living it for yourself, I guarantee you will be miserable! Following my heart -or intuition- has proved to be more resourceful than following what everyone else was doing.

5) Do you feel that your education in business and finance will help you to achieve greatness? Yes! One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was a fashion major (LOL), although fashion is my 1st love, I understood that business and accounting is vital, no matter what field I work in. I plan to work in fashion (in some capacity), but I also plan to own and operate my own business! Grad school will certainly deal with ‘fashion business management,’ or something of the sort. In short, I want to be in charge, work in fashion and get that money!

6) So, where do the free birds fly (and are you one of them)?  Free birds fly everywhere!!! My newest passion, www.wherethefreebirdsfly.com, is a blog, soon-to-be turned [into] a movement! I’m forever promoting a free lifestyle that encourages freethinking and freedom to express oneself, as deemed fit… I am certainly A FREE BIRD!

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