101 with DJ Teffler

Microphone check... 1-2-1-2... If you haven't heard of the Juvy Tek mix-mastermind, Paul 'DJ Teffler' Asuwata, then you've definitely been missing out on a LOT of good music!

Hailing from Nigeria, Africa, as one of Gidi's Finest, DJ Teffler has blessed us with some lyrical knowledge and has given us a connect on what keeps his musical blood pumping; so listen up...

1) Mr. Asuwata, can you describe to us, what “Juvy Tek” and the “Teffler” movement is all about?
Juvy Tek is all about music production. It's a partnership [that] my partner, Ehi, and I started 10 years ago; we create beats and produce hit-records for artists, all around the world. [The] Teffler movement is all about Gidi’s Finest, and becoming one of the greatest DJ’s that ever touched the turntables (as well as helping other DJ’s), we are tackling one city at a time; as of now, we are invading the DMV area. With that said, God holds the plan for the future.

2) You are a direct descendant of Nigerian ancestry, how does that differ from being an African-American versus being an ‘African’ in America? 
I was born and raised in Nigeria. I moved out, to the United States, at the age of 15. The bulk of my childhood experience -and culture- I learnt while I was in Nigeria. An African-American was born and raised here [in the United States] mostly, and thus, did not have the direct influence of growing up in Africa.

3) Where does your musical influence come from?
My musical influence is very diverse. I listen[ed] to a lot of 70’s funk, pop and R&B, jazz and 90’s rap music, growing up. As I got older, I started to embrace my country’s musical culture and listen to it more.

4) When did you realize that you wanted to be a DJ (disc jockey)?
I've always had a love for music growing up. Being the fact that I play the piano at my local church, I did it for fun during my college years, and I loved how the crowd responded to the music I played. I loved seeing the crowd go wild, so I took it upon myself to better my skills and made it my main focus to always deliver, as a DJ.

5) Who are some of the most prolific musicians/artists that you’ve worked with?
I've worked with numerous, Nigerian artists. I recently did a remix work for Beyoncé. I've also worked with artists under Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records. I've worked with Nigerian superstar, award-winning rappers such as Naeto C, Dr. Sid and Ice Prince, and I am currently working on records for artists under Def Jam, Warner Bros. and Arista Records.

6) Why is it important for you to continue on your path in the music industry?
I feel, with the diverse, musical culture that I have, I can make people experience music on a difference level. Music is everything… it is universal, it is inspiring, it is motivational; it’s emotional, spiritual and in other aspects, educational. Music can change the world. I believe I can facilitate that change, and help better other people’s lives with my kind of music, based on the humanitarian efforts I plan to make as I move along in my career. Even if you're not into music or you don't want to dance, my selection of music will make you ‘ginger’ (get you on the dance floor). That’s what music is all about, to uplift people. Stay inspired!

*** For more information on DJ Teffler, please visit: twitter.com/TEFFLER.

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