101 with Jessie Evans

On the eve of his organization's annual, spring fashion show, Jessie B. Evans, Jr. sat down with us, to give us his insight as to what it takes to be a leader and get the right jobs done.

Let's take a look, shall we...

1) Hello, Mr. President… Can you explain to us, what “FAM” is, exactly?

FAM is a fashion and modeling club, on the campus of Morgan State University, we are the link between the collegiate-level fashion industry and the professional, fashion industry. I would say that FAM is more than just an average [student] organization, we are a combination of creative minds coming together, achieving the impossible (and even beyond that), we share a bond that can be most similarly compared to that of a blood-family.

2) Where are you from, and have you learned any valuable life-lessons, along your journey?

[I was] born in Baltimore, Maryland [and] raised in Salisbury, Maryland. I have learned a lot; main lesson being, that you can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can never please all of the people, all of the time. I've also learned to never give up, and that ‘safe’ is a dirty word, which is why I live [my] life a little, on the edge. I do what I want and say what’s on my mind, and that attitude [has] shown through my fashion shows; my creativity and ability to take risk shows in my masterpieces (i.e. fashion shows and/or events).

3) Upon your arrival to Morgan State University, how did you imagine your college experience would be?

I honestly imagined that it would be somewhere else. However, I have grown to love and appreciate THEE Morgan State University. When I came to audition for FAM, I looked at the [previous] President and said, "That is going to be me, one day.” Wouldn't you know it? LOOK AT ME NOW (lol)!!!

4) When did you realize that being a public fixture (as a model, spokesperson, stage talent, etc.), was the best career choice?

I never, really said that being an MC or host, or model, was my career of choice… it kind of chose me. I can be kind of shy sometimes, honestly, but when I hit a stage, I'm no longer me… I'm the character that I am embodying. So, for that reason alone, I am the ultimate actor, because this gift that God has given me, allows me to act out any role in life; a role as the President of FAM, or the role of an MC or host, or whatever.

5) Who do you look to for inspiration?

I never know how to answer this question. Honestly, I guess what inspires and drives me is my family. I yearn to see them happy and carefree and well taken care of. I just thank God, honestly, for all of His blessings and all of the good times, but also, I thank Him for the bad times, because they made me a stronger person -the person [that] I am today- and for that, I always say, "Everyday Should Be The Best Day Of Your Life."

* For more information on Jessie Evans, please visit: www.twitter.com/PrettyBoyJ.

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