101 with Rodney Bethea

From Philly to L.A., there's 1 guy who's seemingly un.stoppable.

Known, on the street-style scene, as 'Hot Rod', Mr. Rodney Bethea, is the creator of MelroseAndSpaulding.com, an exclusive, one-stop-style-shop on the world wide web.

We caught up with him recently, so that he could give us the inside-scoop on his world of hotness...

1) So, Mr. Bethea… Can you explain to us, the origin of your pen-name, "Hot ROD”?

When I lived in Baltimore, [some of] my close friends called me "HOT SHOT." Around the time I bought my first Corvette, people started calling me "HOT ROD," because they said it looked like a hot-rod (and my name is Rodney), so "HOT ROD" made sense to them. Soon after, with most people, the "ROD" dropped and now most of my friends just call me "HOT."
2) As a native of Baltimore, Maryland, where else have you lived, since migrating to California?

Actually, I’m a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and lived a few years in Baltimore.

3) Amongst the rapidly growing population of style bloggers, who do you consider yourself to be?

Most fashion bloggers are very predicable; it's usually all about them and their style that’s become like their uniform. I consider myself to be an ambassador of all things cool. Sometimes, I may blog about my preppy look, high-end designer look [or] vintage look (it changes according to how I feel, that day), or it may not [even] be about fashion at all. I may feature classic, vintage cars or music; it’s about the lifestyle. My style, home, car, entertainment, etc., should all be equally cool and stylish. You can’t dress cool and not have a cool crib, and you can’t have a cool car and jump out of it [not] looking cool, as well. I strive to be the total package.

4) What else can we expect from you, in the future?

My blog, MelroseAndSpaulding.com, is being revised, to become a fashion, lifestyle and media center (also with a retail store, attached with a lot of my cool, vintage products), it will go live, mid-April [2012]. I’m also in final talks with [a] big retailer, to come on as creative director; I'll announce it once we finalize the deal. And I've moved in a new, creative space in West Hollywood, so it will be a lot of "HOT" stuff coming out of there.

*** For more information on Rodney Bethea, please visit: twitter.com/MelroseSpauldin, or on Instagram: @HotRod3k.

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