Mom 101

To all the mom's around the world, I'd like to wish EVERYONE a Beautiful and Blessed, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

And of course, there would be no me, without this lovely lady... My mom, Mrs. Ina Decema Washington-Dorsey!!!

I Love This Woman

Named after my great-great grandmother (Mrs. Ina Lawson), my mother was born in Richmond, Virgina, and was raised in New York (along with her 3 siblings). She comes from a line of strong, powerful women, so on this day, I choose to honor them, that came before her...

Mrs. Ina Lawson.
My Great-Great Grandmother
Mrs. Lillie Mae Jarrells.
My Great Grandmother
Mrs. Doris Washington.
My Grandmother
Mrs. Ina Dorsey.
My Mother

And, there you have it! Enjoy this special day with your mom(s)! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Love, Me & My Momma!!!

xoxo, Avon!

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