Style Spotlight x Antwan Jones & Chet Robinson


The phrase, 'two's company,' truly applies to these young gentlemen, Mr. Antwan Jones and Mr. Chet Robinson.

(Antwan Jones)

(Chet Robinson)

Together, they've formed the hip, new, online shopping destination, Trvistic... and I'm more than happy to share their story! ENJOY!!! :-)

1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?
Antwan Jones
My name is Antwan Jones, owner of Trvistic Online Boutique. With my entrepreneurial skill [and] talent, I plan to make Trvistic a major brand and one of the hottest, online shopping destinations for clothing (apparel, shoes and accessories), for men, women and children.  

Chet Robinson
My name is Chet Robinson. I’m a graphic designer and stylist for Trvistic Online Boutique. I plan to accomplish many things; my main focus is to continue building a strong brand for Trvistic, and offer a wide range of products and services for our consumers.

2) When did people start to notice your potential?
People started to notice my potential during my grade school years. I was always the leader for any group projects or assignments, so [that] I could showcase my ideas and creative-side.

I would say middle school; I began to draw and explore my imagination more with the arts. I was also into the visual aspects of fashion and art magazines, at that time (which was very interesting to me).

3) Where is your career headed next?
My career is headed toward success; with a very, humble beginning and working with a great fashion merchandiser, I know Trvistic will go above and beyond my expectations. I believe, giving it 110% we can’t and won’t fail.

Like I always say -with the Fashion Industry- you can never be done, there’s always something new; and with fashion, it’s a changing and evolving industry, which is the exciting part! I’m currently working on a graphic, T-Shirt collection -which is amazing- for boys (ages 1-7 years old), called “ANGRY BAIBI” (available this summer, exclusively at Trvistic Online Boutique). 
***For more information on Trvistic, please visit their website, at: www.shoptob.com. 

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