#StyleTalk Series... with Latease Lashley & Taliah Ferguson

From Glam Girls, to Lovely Ladies!

Creatively speaking, fashion was here... That sounds good, doesn't it?!

Well, guess what?! It isn't just a phrase; used separately, the aforementioned breaks down to the two names of burgeoning, fashion empires, each belonging to two of my most fabulous, sister-friends, Mrs. Latease Lashley and Ms. Taliah Ferguson!!!

(Latease Lashley)

(Taliah Ferguson)

I've known these two divas for MANY years *insert big, cheese smile* and through the thick-and-thin, they've always been there for me, of course, each looking fabulous, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!! So, let's count down to you all getting to know the story behind their success... 5-6-7-8...

1) Hello There! How’s life going for you, at the moment?
Life is GOOD! This year has been my time to shine and I am enjoying the spotlight! Ever since I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (2012) in New York [City], my life has been in full-fashion mode; I have [commentated for] several, fashion shows, [made] more industry connections and [established] myself as a fashion personality and journalist for my company, Creatively Speaking, Where Fashion is Amplified.  I am available to handle fashion commentary for all media outlets. Additionally, I am a college professor of Speech Communications and English, where I approach the disciplines through the lens of fashion.

Hi! Life is great and I couldn’t be any happier.
2) Okay, so, I don’t think that most people know this… but, you’ve been involved with fashion since high school, correct?!
Yes! I am a true fashionista at heart, I was a model in my high school [Baltimore City College] modeling club (Rhapsody)! I was diligent about my pivots and slow-motion turns on the runway! I even received a Rhapsody Scholarship for my education at Notre Dame of Maryland University.  My fashion sense was covered in the Style section of the Baltimore Sun newspaper, highlighting my shower curtain turned-snazzy-belted-jacket, that my uncle Danny designed for me; I just love having fun with fashion!                

Yes [also a member of the modeling club Rhapsody], I believe that is where the obsession of all things fashion came about in my life. High school was a big ‘ol fashion show for me, and of course, learning too (LOL).

3) How have you evolved from being a teenage fashionista, to becoming a seasoned professional?
I never stopped believing in the art of fashion and that I had a place and voice in the industry. From my teen years to now, I have become more focused on what I love about the industry and what I want to accomplish.  

I am more in-tune with who I am (as a whole), so that plays a huge part in my personal style. From the way things fit, to investing in staple pieces, to what clothes help exemplify my mood and makes me happy and complete. As a teenager, I splurged more on the big names (with money I didn’t have), but as I’m older, I tend to be more smart about my purchases and choose quality over quantity.
4) Who do you look up to?

I look up to Harriette Cole and Amy DuBois Barnett. I love Harriette, because she is a beautiful, role model, best-selling author, life stylist, fashion and etiquette expert and president of her own company (Harriette Cole Media), but most importantly, she is a loving mom and wife.  I relate to her as she is a Maryland native and is a genuine soul that does it all, so gracefully. I admire Amy because she is an accomplished, award-winning print and online executive, writer, motivational speaker and Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine. Amy inspires me, that I can get everything I have ever dreamed of in my life, and the importance of remaining positive and giving my best; [she] educates that everyone deserves finding true happiness, which for me, is fashion -it always makes me smile!

My Mom, for her fearless fashion (growing up), and my Grandmother, for being such a caring, strong woman, and her ability to persevere through so much; [also] Emily Schuman, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, for her perfect way of doing everything.  

5) Where do you see yourself, in five years?
I hope to be contributing my expertise to the fashion capitol, enjoying life as a fashion magazine editor, tenured college professor, award-winning author and fashion personality.

I see myself as a successful, freelance editor [and] writer for my favorite, fashion publications; a well-established entrepreneur, mom and wife.

6) What excites you, about fashion?

I love that fashion allows you to communicate a great deal about yourself, without saying a single word. Fashion is all about perception and allows us to go into ‘character’ when we dress. But most importantly, I love that fashion is genetic, as my 3-year-old daughter, Zoe Victoria, is a fashionista in-the-making; she is a little model, and you can often hear her trotting around the house in my stilettos!

(Latease & Zoe Victoria)

Street style really excites me; I can never get enough of what the folks are wearing on the streets. Also, how fashion evolves -in stages of previous decades- but how it is mixed all up. I love everything about fashion, it is art to me.   

7) Why do you think that some people are afraid of fashion or intimidated to be a part of the fashion industry?
I think that the perception of not ‘looking the part,’ may steer people away, but you must know who you are, what you can contribute and OWN IT!

Because, some are still trying to find their niche and personal style. I think some people see it as a scary and cutthroat business (which it is), but if you are comfortable in your [own] skin, love what you do and have the true passion for it, then the sky is the limit, and no one can really stop you.  

***For more information about Latease Lashley, please email her, at: creativelyspeakinginc@gmail.com.

***For more information about Taliah Ferguson, please visit her website, at: www.FashionWasHere.net.

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