Music Maestro, Mr. Kenneth Alston...


Having known him for YEARS, I've accepted and appreciated the fact that Kenneth Alston (aka Kenny), is one of those rare voices that comes along, every so often!

He has travelled the world and lent his musical expertise to many a projects, but, don't just listen to me gush over him being a veteran, let's hear what he has to say about the matter...

1) Hello, Mr. Alston! How are you?   
Good Day, I am doing well... such an awesome day!                                                                    

2) You’re such the jetsetter; always on the go… Where in the world, are you right now?!  
Well, I am actually on a [much] needed hiatus, at my apartment in New York City [New York]. I am not really, as on the go… Ok, I am never always in the same place; you got me!                                                                                                                 
3) For those who may not know, what is it that you do, professionally?    
I am a trained performer who sings different styles of music. Right now, my passions lie within ‘Praise & Worship’ in church, but I have traveled (and continue to do so), with a celebrated, Off-Broadway production called Three Mo’ Tenors. I have also been in other, theatrical shows and have taken the time to help others by being a Music Director and Vocal Coach. 

4) Who do you consider yourself to be –musically– amongst the milieu of pop stars, opera stars and wannabe’s?   
Truthfully, I am just a man that God has gifted to share a message through song; I am one of the many vessels of inspiration that the world is blessed to have. I don’t hold myself higher than any other performer, and I definitely know that I can hold my own in the presence of artists more successful than myself.                                                                    

5) When did you first realize that you wanted to become a vocal performer?    
When I was really young, sitting on my great-grandmother’s lap and singing, I guess. There was something very special about my musical formation, I found it in the church and somehow, no matter where I go, I never divert too far away from my roots.  By the time I was at the end of elementary school, I just knew I needed to be in front of an audience that would listen to me sing.                                                                                                                                             

6) Why do you think that it is so difficult for most people to find ‘success,’ within the ranks of the music industry?  
The music industry is ‘business,’ and like any business, success has its different tiers. All types of businesses are constantly rising while others are falling. The key is to reinvent and re-energize the package that is being distributed, so that an audience doesn’t label your work as stale. Most people believe that success is financial, and while I don’t disagree, I believe success is being able to do what you do to the point where it becomes most fulfilling to you; people are so busy trying to be financially minded that the authenticity of the music is being trashed. For me, success is in the mind of the artist. Each artist has to discover what it takes for them to become successful.    

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