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Living in a world that's full of a vast majority of people, it's only right that we acknowledge each other's heritage and culture(s)... and that's the mantra of Nicholas Amfo, the creative mind behind the British brand, ODF.

Amfo shared some of his ideals with us... and now, we share them with you. Enjoy!

1) Team ODF, how are you all doing?!
We’re very well, thank you! Every day is a new opportunity to reach your goals!                                                                                                                                                                       

2) For those who may not know, what does ODF stand for?
ODF is short, for OneDiverse Fashion. This name is perfect for the brand, as it represents the fact that one piece of clothing can be expressed differently, by every individual; ‘One,’ because we are united, and ‘Diverse,’ because of the variety of styles that can work with each of our garments.
3) Where did the concept of the brand come from?
We generated ideas from lifestyle, art and British culture; this has been the foundation for the brand [since] it began, in 2007.

4) Why did you all start your fashion business in London… and not somewhere else, like New York City, New York?
We grew up seeing different trends in fashion, not just in the UK, but worldwide. As mentioned before, British culture has had a big influence on our style, and as we were born and bred in London, we thought the best place to start was in our hometown!

5) What can customers expect from the ODF family?!
A range of cultural clothes that correlate with our concept, ‘One Diverse Fashion.’ Regardless of religion, culture, gender and background, we want everyone to be able to identify with the brand.

***For more information about ODF, please visit their website, at: www.odfclothing.com.

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