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Getting set for the festivities happening over in London, gal-about-town, Talia Beckett, gives us an inside view into the eye of marketing and public relations!

She's on-the-rise, within her field, and she has her mind set on doing, even more; take a look and see... 

1) Hi, Talia! How are you?
Fantastic, thank you! I’m currently in London, England (as we are doing this interview), waiting for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to get started.
2) So, you’re the OWNER of Pink Pearl PR… how does it feel to have that title and responsibility?!
Being the owner of a PR agency, means that I’m in charge of my own successes and failures, so it’s fabulous and stressful at the same time. Every day is different… from working with clients in fashion [to] jewelry, textiles, art and of course, many, amazing journalists who make my job possible!                                                                          
3) What is your definition of luxury, and where does it resonate in your life?
For me, “luxury” means indulging in the little things! I love being involved with so many, new businesses and showcasing the extravagance and details that go into their products. I also get to experience luxury through sampling so many, new, up-and-coming designer labels [that] I represent (a perk of working in PR).                                                                                                    
4) When did you realize that marketing and public relations was the field of work for you?
When I first decided to go to University, I wanted to become a lawyer of all things (Legally Blond, movie moment)! I quickly changed my mind when I saw how exciting the world of marketing can be; you are constantly interacting with a range of exciting brands, meeting new people, attending events and traveling. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I’ve been building up my PR business in London after completing my Masters Degree here and really enjoying the experience, so far. Business is growing faster than I imagined, and I might need to hire some more staff in September! I’m undeniably a social butterfly and very passionate about what I do for a living… I wouldn’t change a thing.
5) Why do you think that London continues to be at the forefront of the international, fashion industry?
London has an amazing fashion scene, and it’s hard not to become immersed in the culture and opportunities; the London markets are hidden gems and not something we have in Canada. London Fashion Week was fantastic this year and we had some fabulous brands [to] participate! Apart from events, simply taking a walk down the street in East London, you could create a fashion look-book (snapping photos of the unique outfits people are wearing). London is the core of the fashion industry because of its location within Europe and its amazing mix of cultures that provide inspiration and constant change.                          

***For more information about Talia Beckett and Pink Pearl PR, please visit her online, at: www.Twitter.com/mrktpassion, www.Facebook.com/marketTHIS.

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