SAGE... More Than A Harmony!


To hear these women sing... rather, s-a-n-g... is like listening to the skies pour out your favorite gospel song, without any filters!!! Formed by Mrs. Katika Mercer, Ms. Trennell White and Ms. Sherrell White, SAGE comprises a tight-knit group of sisters... let alone a pair of twins... these ladies just seem to have it all, with style and grace included!

Not only am I blessed to know them and their talented manager, Mr. Jamal Mercer, parts of the world are already familiar with SAGE, also... and they're looking to expand their reach, singing one glorious note at a time. LISTEN CLOSELY TO WHAT THESE DIVAS HAVE TO SAY...

1. Hi, Mrs. Mercer! What’s going on?! 
Hey Avon, my dear friend! Everything! Great Things!

2. How are you and the girls doing, right now? 
Well, through it all, we're closer than ever; our bond is unbreakable! Our voices are more powerful and we're spiritually intertwined -in harmony- to share our gifts with the world; [we’re] so excited and grateful! Our bodies are in rigorous, personal training to increase our stamina for upcoming, media events (local performances, and abroad), as we will be touring very soon; it's all in the works. We're also recording our [first] single, "Go Crazy," [for] our sophomore project [titled] More Than A Harmony, Volume 2 … it's fire for [the] Baltimore Heat (all smiles). [We’re] always perfecting our craft, along with a host of other business ventures we are working on (as a part of our family-owned and operated enterprise, Hollywood Management & Entertainment International).

3. Can each one of you define ‘who’ SAGE is, in your own words? 

Trennell White (a.k.a Muffin, of Sage)  
Heeey Avon! It's Muffin of SAGE (lead vocalist of the group). SAGE -to me- is sultry melodies, soothing to the mind, body and soul. Our music is aspiration-driven, yet creatively aligned with the essence of Universal Love.

Sherrell White (Muffin’s twin sister, of Sage)  

Heeey Style 101 fam! For me, SAGE is a door-opener for man-kind to be enlightened; we have very strong, powerful, soul-searching messages. We are messengers, placed on this earth to deliver a message during this golden-age (from emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and generational ‘mess’), through our music.

Katika Mercer (a.k.a Melody, of Sage)

SAGE is more than a harmony, that's for sure. We are a loving, God-fearing family, first… broken free from generational cycles of poverty, broken homes/hearts, abuse, unhealthy choices/habits and relationships. Now, we embrace our own, unique, collective and individual authenticity. Our journey is empowering us to be women of beauty, courage and truth! The word ‘SAGE’ means wisdom, and to be saved and widely respected, it's also a savory spice, and we exude all of those -today- with passion, purpose and poise.

4. When did you all decide to pursue music as a career?

We consciously decided to pursue our music career (as a secular group), in our teenage years.

5. Where did the name of the group come from?

It was given to our Mother (Mama SAGE), in a dream. It stands for ‘Sisters of Agape with Essence.’

6. Why do you think that it’s important to stay focused on your goals? 
It is important to stay focused on our goals because, first and foremost, our future generation depends on us including our own kids. And lastly, the world -being full of dying and lost souls- long[s] to hear our music; to sum it all up… Legacy!!!!


I feel the same!


Focused -to me- means ‘Fixed On Course Until Successful.’ It is important because if you fail to know where you are going, then any road will take you there. So, we choose to be intentional and to do everything with a purpose, plus, the D.M.V [area] (Baltimore City, in particular), deserves to see and produce a long-awaited, female, music group with integrity, that represents real, soul music on a global scale.

7. Which direction is SAGE headed in, next; as far as the music industry is concerned?

Put simply, SAGE is heading for Greatness! Rocking charity events, officially building brands (with no schemes), busting this music biz wide open… the skies the limit, Style 101!

***For more information on SAGE, and to hear their music, please visit: http://m.soundcloud.com/MoreThanAharmony/party-beyonce-sage-mp3.  

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