She'll "Take You There!"


Albeit a #1, hit song, performed by gospel greats, The Staple Singers (1972)... "Take You There," is also the title of 22 year old, Chelsey O'Neill's personal style blog!!!

On a daily basis, O'Neill gives fans a peek into her plethora of artistic ideas... literally, taking them on a wardrobe journey. Let's have a look, shall we?! 
1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?
I am a 22 year old, fashion promotion student (currently living in London), and I have a fashion blog [called, Take You There]. My blog is about my personal style [and]  I plan to continue working towards a job within the fashion industry;  I’m not sure which area yet (maybe PR or styling), I’m still having fun exploring my options, at the moment.                                                                                                                      
2) When did people start to notice your potential?
I will never forget the person that first noticed I had a creative talent… it was my ‘year five’ teacher at primary school, she told my mum that I would become very good at fine art; I didn’t believe her at the time.  I then went [to] secondary school (forgetting what my ‘year five’ teacher told me), [and] I started to enjoy and get excited about art. By ‘year 8,’ I was chosen -along with a few, more students- to take my GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), in Art and Design, three years early.  This was when I began to really enjoy being creative; I would paint for hours on end.  My interest in fashion has always been there too, but I didn’t really begin to think of choosing it as a career, until a few years ago.                                                                      

3) Where is your career headed next?
I plan to intern in as many, different areas within the fashion industry, as I can.  After university, I plan to have a career in my chosen area; I also hope to still have my blog and for it to be well-known.    

***For more information about Chelsey O'Neill, please visit her website, at: www.take-you-there.blogspot.com. 

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